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Do you dare to travel abroad in 2022?


Do you dare to travel in 2022? In many ways, everything feels better and more hopeful right now. On the other hand, you never know what that virus will do, or what rules will come in its wake. You can't be sure there won't be a war either...


Travelling abroad in 2022

We are fully committed to travelling in 2022, so we might as well say it. We can't wait to travel, we think the situation is getting better and we have already booked trips. Yes, this week we are flying to Denmark to attend a travel fair. Then there will be a flight to another destination in Europe, before the motorhome season starts in Sweden and other countries.

We are definitely While we are favourably disposed to travelling abroad in 2022, we must say that one thing we have learned during this pandemic period is not to take everything for granted and to expect that things can change at any time. We are also not immune to all the black headlines spreading the fear of a potential major war in our geographical neighbourhood.

Husbil i Schweiz
With the campervan in Switzerland a few years ago

Pandemic 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has gone from being a looming horror scenario on the front pages of newspapers to becoming an integral part of society. We get vaccinated and try to follow the rules, but we don't think about corona all day long. Many people have fallen ill recently, but most seem to be coping with mild symptoms and a few quiet days on the sofa. Communities around us are opening up and travelling seems to be getting easier.

Yet, on our next trip, it looks like we will need to both vaccine and PCR test. A bit cumbersome though. And what happens if the virus suddenly mutates in some nasty way, or if some country decides to introduce highly restrictive regulations? Could it still be convenient to continue with nearcation and not move to the other side of the world?

Life goes on, even through pandemic times

World situation in 2022

The world is amazing and wonderful, but also terrible and horrible at times. Every day you read about the tense situation on the Ukrainian border and wonder what will happen. Will there really be a war right in our neighbourhood? First and foremost, our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, but we also wonder how the rest of Europe will be affected.

Right now the Olympics are going on in Beijing, and you can read about feats and medals. Or you can read those other awful reports about how the Uighurs are treated in China. And speaking of that part of the world ... what will happen in Taiwan? There's a lot to worry about in these times ...

Visiting Kiev many years ago

Bubblers: Iceland's volcanoes

Last but not least, we have to mention Iceland's volcanoes. They seem innocent in this context. After all, they are natural and not nasty. Nonetheless, they can easily become terrifying. In particular, they can wreak havoc by spewing out lava or filling the sky with ash so that aeroplanes in Europe cannot fly. There are a bunch of volcanoes that "should" erupt relatively soon. We have written about it before.

On the other hand, the aeroplanes might be grounded that day anyway, because of a virus or a war. At least the motorhome won't be stopped, we think. Unless diesel prices go up even further (oh terrible thought) ...

Now we look forward

Having said that, we conclude by saying that we are looking forward. We look forward to travelling both in Sweden and abroad in 2022. If problems arise, we will have to adapt. Until then, we are travelling and discovering our fantastic world.

How do you think?

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