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Weekend of skinny dipping

We didn't leave with the campervan until Saturday, and everything started out wrong. I had a stomach ache, we forgot wires at home which meant we couldn't play music, the film we rented was shit ... well, you get the picture. We still went to Nicksta camping in Nynäshamn. A rather nice campsite with a nice bath at a sandy beach. It was nice to lie there in the fantastic weather, but ...


Stone throwing

It was calm when we arrived at Nicksta campingBut after a while, a group of 14-year-old boys started throwing stones and hitting two police officers! The police officers caught one of them and called for reinforcements. Of course, by the time the reinforcements arrived, the rest of the gang had left, but the police officers left with the guy they caught.

Fifteen minutes later (!) the next fight started. This time it was a group of guys and girls in their 25s who rushed up when some of the guys started fighting. The police were soon back and the gang had to pack up and leave the beach ... Is it always like this in Nynäshamn ...?

Camping neighbours with exhaust pipe problems

On Sunday we got up to wash the car before leaving. There we started talking to a nice couple who were out on their premiere camping (!) with their new Dethleffs, Magic edition (awesome).

When they drove up onto the platform where you can drain the grey water, the exhaust pipe hit the ground and came loose! So then both the owner and Peter lay on their backs from each side under the car to manage to hang it back ... Eventually they got the pipe fixed and could get away.

Ågesta naturist pool

We rolled on to Ågesta naturist bath, by Lake Magelungen in Farsta. It was a completely new thing for us! We had thought that it would be nice to sunbathe without our bathing suits for once, and Ågesta naturist bath would be one of the better ones in Stockholm. So it was a few hours of sunbathing without clothes and an unexpected meeting with some nice neighbours from Sumpan.


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