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Sweden according to Freedomtravel

We have not only travelled abroad, but also a lot in Sweden. Not least with the motorhome! Here you can take a look at some of the places we have visited. Feel free to tell us about nice places that we have missed!



We visited northern Sweden during a motorhome trip in the summer of 2010. We went all the way up to Pite Havsbad, and then drove south again, along the coast. We have also taken the motorhome to the area around Gävle on a few other occasions. The following places have been visited in the northern part of Sweden, mostly by motorhome.

Pite havsbad
Pite Havsbad in northern Sweden


The central part of Sweden is often a good place for us to go on motorhome trips. Here are some places we've visited, mostly by motorhome.

Middag Trosa
Trosa in Svealand


Even though I (Helena) come from Skåne, we don't often travel so far south. The reason is of course that it is too far to travel over a weekend when you live in Stockholm. Some of the places in Götalande we have visited on motorhome trips based in Stockholm. Others we have visited when we were on our way down to or up from Europe.

Valdemarsvik in Götaland

More locations in Sweden

What are your favourite places in Sweden? Where do you think we should take the campervan next?

Sverige, Sigtuna

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