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Ekuddens camping in Kungsör

Now we have rolled into Ekuddens camping in Kungsör. It is a long weekend, and of course we want to be out with the motorhome then. I'm giving a lecture in Vingåker on Saturday, so we're staying close by. Here at Ekudden's campsite we are really nice in the green surroundings.


Beautiful green campsite

Ekuddens camping is nicely located right next to the shore of Lake Mälaren, where there is of course a swimming area. Now it's still a bit too cold for swimming, but later in the summer it can certainly be nice to swim here.

The most special thing about this campsite is the large oak trees, which are of course behind the name of the area and the campsite. The oaks make it incredibly green and lush, even though it was perhaps a little more shady than we would have liked. Right now you want to soak up as much of the sun as possible!


Staying at Ekuddens Camping

Ekuddens camping is about 1.5 kilometres from the centre of Kungsör. You come here mainly to enjoy the beautiful nature and perhaps to swim, walk in the exercise trails or rent a canoe or rowing boat. For those who do not have a motorhome or caravan, there are also cottages to rent. Read more at the campsite's website if you wish.

We haven't done much ourselves. Yesterday we went for a walk around the campsite and along the beach. Then we cooked a good dinner and relaxed with a book each. Now we're moving on to new destinations, i.e. to Hjälmaregården where I'll be giving a lecture. We wish you all a nice long weekend!

Ekuddens camping

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