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Nice parking space in Västerås guest harbour

Now we have found a nice spot in Västerås guest harbour. Here we stand nicely with the motorhome by the water and are close to the city. No wonder this is a popular place! So far we have managed to take a walk along the water and seen a house that is ... halfway under the surface!


Well-located pitch

The parking space in Västerås guest harbour has an excellent location right by the water, and within walking distance to the city. There are electric poles and a nice service building (also used by boat guests) with toilets, showers, sauna and washing machines. However, grey water drainage is not available. The price per day is 200 SEK and you pay in Sjöevents small shed or via Swish.

When we paid, we also had a nice chat with Christer at the centre. Sea events. He turned out to be a real entrepreneur who also runs an ICA store with his wife, and is passionate about boats and seafaring. Through Sjövent, you can try different fast-paced activities, such as RIB boats and jet skis, and the company also organises different types of courses for those who like being at sea.

Ställplats i Västerås gästhamn
Nice pitch in Västerås guest harbour

Boats, boats, boats

There are only about 120,000 people living in Västerås, yet the area for leisure boats feels really, really big. You wonder if every single person here has a boat? Now it is of course low season, and only some of the boats are in the water. But it's nice to stroll along the quayside, and even though it's the end of October, there are a few interesting boats to look at.

Västerås hamn
Cool quay with very old trees!
Västerås Elba
According to Rederi Mälarstaden's website, the Elba ferry is 120 years old.
Västerås båtar
Charming boats - and Västerås in the background

Houses under water?

Suddenly we came across a house that looked like it was ... half under water!? The house looked well maintained, but the water seemed to reach halfway up the windows. What ...? I googled and got some indications that it could be a work of art/different hotel, but couldn't find it being used. Anyone know more?

Västerås hus under vatten
A house halfway down the water...!?

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