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Ödevata farm hotel and caravan park - sustainable in Småland

Ödevata gårdshotell in Småland is a cosy, simple and natural hotel, where you are also welcome to bring your camper van. What fascinated us most about this place was the owners' commitment to sustainability and saving the world. Read this and get inspired!


Ödevata farm hotel

The Ödevata farm hotel in Småland is a cosy hotel - and caravan site - for anyone who loves nature, fishing, saunas and sustainability.

Ödevata gårdshotell i Småland - fokus på hållbarhet

The Ödevata farm hotel is located about one kilometre east of Emmaboda in Glasriket, in Småland.

Hotels and cottages

If you want to stay at Ödevata farm hotel, you can stay in the main building, or in one of the many cottages. Whatever you choose, you get rural charm, and either way, it's self-catering. The owners, Malin and Magnus, welcome you to a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Ödevata gårdshotell i Småland - fokus på hållbarhet

The rooms in the hotel are beautifully decorated, with a rural feel while being comfortable and cosy.

There is no food service at the hotel, but there are several communal kitchens where you can prepare your own meals. The guy on the wall? "He's still alive," says Malin. Here, pictures are not just a picture - they tell a story.

Ödevata gårdshotell i Småland - fokus på hållbarhet

Motorhome parking space at Ödevata farm hotel

You can also come to Ödevata farm by motorhome. There are five pitches on hard standing, and another six on grass. There is electricity and access to showers and toilets. Latrine emptying is not available.

We arrived on a November evening, and it was pitch black outside. It was only the next morning that we realised we were standing on a lake! That night we were alone on the site, but if you're coming in the low or high season, it's a good idea to book your spot in advance.

Ställplats vid Ödevata gårdshotell

Fishing camp, swimming, nature and sauna

Ödevata farm hotel sometimes uses the slogan "Living between the lakes", and the lake is indeed right next door. Many people come here to fish. Fishing licences are sold at the farm and overnight guests can also rent a boat for the fishing trip.

Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats i Småland

Others visit Ödevata farm hotel just to relax in a scenic setting, perhaps with a sauna and bath.

Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats i Småland

According to Malin, many of the guests discover the beauty of "doing nothing". If you still want to be active, you can rent a canoe or kayak, for example. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the area.
Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats i Småland

Greenhouse with aquaponic cultivation

One of the first things we saw at Ödevata farm hotel - when we arrived in the November darkness - was the beautifully lit greenhouse. The next day, Malin showed us around and told us more.

Akvaponisk odling

The greenhouse at the Ödevata farm hotel is home to an aquaponic farm. Hadn't you heard of one before? Don't worry, neither had we, but we were fascinated by what we learnt.

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (growing fish, shellfish or algae) with hydroponics (growing plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.

The farm means that Malin and Magnus can grow both fish and vegetables (including bananas and tomatoes) without having to replace the water. Fascinating and smart!

Malin spoke enthusiastically about farming and its many benefits, including explaining how water is purified using biochar. Biochar turned out to be Malin's and Magnus' favourite subject, and perhaps their most important contribution to the project to save the world.

Akvaponisk odling

Biochar - to save the world

Malin and Magnus are passionate about saving the world, and a key ingredient to do so is biochar. Biochar has fantastic potential for a climate-smart and sustainable society. This relatively simple product can be used as a water purifier, soil improver and carbon sink, among other things.

Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats - hållbarhet med biokol

At Ödevata farm hotel, biochar is used as litter and feed supplements for the chickens, as a filter system in the aquaponics farm and to bind nutrients in the compost buckets.

Malin and Magnus are also passionate about teaching others how to produce and use biochar, including through study visits and collaborations. "Saving the world is not something you do on your own - it has to be done together.

Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats - hållbarhet med biokol

So how do you make biochar? What we learned is that it's a relatively simple process, and Magnus has built several different models to show how people can make biochar on their own. You can see two of the models in the pictures above, and if you want to know more, you can simply stop by the Ödevata farm hotel on occasion.

The picture below shows a small device where even those who do not want to produce biochar themselves can choose to buy a bucket or two for SEK 8 per litre. The message from Malin and Magnus has got through - everyone can contribute in a small way to the big save the world project.

Ödevata gårdshotell och ställplats - hållbarhet med biokol

More things to see and do in the neighbourhood of Ödevata farm hotel

Ödevata gårdshotell is located in the centre of the Glasriket, and there is a lot to see and discover in this area, we promise. It's not far to Emmaboda, where you can visit Emmaboda konst and the charming café Fenix. If you want to see beautiful art glass, Mickejohan's art glass is also not far away.

We can also recommend a visit to James Bond Museum, Lessebo hand paper mill, The Glass Factory in Boda and of course Kosta with glass blowing, gallery, hut herring, Christmas market and everything else. For those who like nature, we can recommend moose and game safaris. zipline, and experience with packraft at Vidinge farm.

All our top tips for holidays in Småland

Have you visited Ödevata Farm? Do you like this kind of sustainable and nature-orientated accommodation? And what do you think, is there a chance to save the world if we humans help each other?

Facts about Ödevata farm hotel

  • Address: Ödevata 104, 361 92 Emmaboda, Sweden
  • County: Kalmar County
  • Landscape: Småland
  • Read more: You can find more information at website of the farm hotel.

Services and practical information

  • Accommodation in the farm hotel: 12 rooms in country style. Pets are allowed. Self-catering kitchen available.
  • Accommodation in cottages: Cottages of various sizes, located by a lake. Pets are allowed and there is access to a sauna and hot tub.
  • Parking space for motorhomes: There are pitches for a total of 11 motorhomes. Electricity and toilets are available, not latrine drainage. Price: 200 SEK without electricity and 250 SEK with electricity (2021).


  • Fishing: The farm sells fishing licences and rents boats in five of the lakes for overnight guests.
  • Sauna: The sauna raft can accommodate 1-6 people.
  • Paddling: Canoe or kayak hire is available.
  • Hiking: Several different trails are available for hiking, including the Ödevata wilderness trail, the Torsjöleden trail, the Bielkeleden trail, the Örsjö hiking trail and the Utvandrarleden trail.
  • Conference: Various conference packages are available. See the farm hotel's website.
  • Study visits: Study visits can be organised, focusing on aquaponics, biochar and rural development.
  • Group trips and camps: Group trips and camps can be organised for children, young people, families, companies and associations.

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