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With a camper in Malmö - tips on pitches and experiences

By motorhome in Malmö! We visited Sweden's third largest city with our motorhome. Here we found a great place to park and nice cycling excursions. We share our best tips with you!


By motorhome in Malmö - at the Lagunen car park

We chose to park at the Lagoon site, in the Lagoon marina. We thought this was an excellent place to park. Here we (in April 2022) had to pay 250 kronor, and then included electricity, toilet, shower, garbage collection and emptying of latrine.

Med husbil i Malmö - ställplats Lagunen

From here to Lilla torg in Malmö is 5.5 kilometres, a cycling distance of about 17 minutes.

Med husbil i Malmö

More campervan sites in Malmö

If you have a motorhome in Malmö, there are a few more options. One possibility is to check in at First Camp Sibbarp. There should also be a site in Limhamn marina and a site at the Grand Circus Hotel, but we have not tested these.

Coastal cycle path

From the place where we stood with a motorhome in Malmö, parking lot Lagunen, it was excellent to cycle into the centre. The cycle path is nice and shows a beautiful part of Malmö. You cycle past beaches, bathing places, green areas and for example "Naturum Öresund".

Med husbil i Malmö - cykelutflykt

You also cycle past the beautiful cold bath house, popularly known as "Kallis".

Med husbil i Malmö - cykelutflykt

The impressive 'Turning Torso' building can always be seen in the distance. The skyscraper is the tallest in the Nordic region, with a height of 190.4 metres.

Med husbil i Malmö - cykelutflykt

Malmöhus castle and castle garden

An interesting stop on the way into town is at Malmöhus Castle. This mighty castle was built between 1526 and 1539, making it the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in the Nordic region. Today you can learn about the history of the castle in several different exhibitions.

Med husbil i Malmö - cykelutflykt

Just behind Malmöhus you can visit the castle garden, which is a beautiful and welcoming oasis. There are a number of different crops and themed gardens such as the Insect Garden, the Linnaeus Garden and the Japanese Garden. We also checked out one of the largest insect hotels in the world.

The garden also houses the Castle Garden Café. We did not have time to stay here, but it looked very cosy.

Lilla Torg in Malmö

We continued towards Lilla Torg, where we were meeting a couple of friends. On the way we passed a lovely mural.

Shortly thereafter we arrived at Lilla torg, which turned out to be a wonderfully cosy place. The square has a history that goes back to the 1590s, and you can feel the wings of history through several of the fine old buildings.

Today, the square is also an active meeting place and when we were here, on a sunny afternoon in April, the outdoor cafes were almost packed. We still managed to find a place to chat with our friends, and guest writers, Magdalena and Pernilla, who also write at Very nice and fun to see you!

More to see and do in Malmö

Of course, Malmö has much more to offer! We aim to write a city guide in the future, but first we need to get the chance to see and explore a bit more. So far, we can tell you that interesting fairs are being organised at Malmömässan, such as The senior citizens' fair in Malmö, and that the Emporia shopping centre is a very nice building.

Have you been with a motorhome in Malmö? Where did you stay overnight? How was your experience? Do you have any good tips to share?

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