What to do in Skåne and what to see and experience? There is plenty to do in Skåne with cities like Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund, Kristianstad, Landskrona, Trelleborg, Ängelholm and Ystad.

We write about experiences, sights and things to do in Skåne that we have added to our library. Here you will find vineyards, islands, national parks, hiking trails, nature reserves, old churches and castles, fantastic museums, ferry terminals for travelling abroad, world-class beaches with spas and cold bath houses, works of art, culture, Sweden's southernmost cape, food culture, the Nordic region's tallest residential building, Kurt Wallander, the Öresund Bridge, Henrik Larsson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and much more. Join the journey of what to see and do in Skåne.


Things to do in Skåne

Göra i Skåne

Skåne is Sweden's southernmost landscape. In the north, the landscape is bounded by Halland and Småland, in the east by Blekinge and the Baltic Sea, in the south by the Baltic Sea and in the west by the narrow Öresund which separates the Skåne from Denmark and the Kattegat which is a tributary of the North Sea.

Göra i skåne

1. Things to do in Skåne: Experience beautiful Kristianstad

Experience Naturum vattenriket in Kristianstad for the whole family. Take a trip to Ivön by free ferry (called Karna) to the Ivö klack nature reserve and the Ugnsmunnarna caves. Admire Vittskövle Castle, one of the best-preserved Renaissance castles in Sweden and also Skåne's largest castle building with over 100 rooms. 

Walk in Forsakar nature reserve in dense and lush deciduous forest that has Skåne's largest waterfall of 10.6 metres. Take part in Bäckaskog's castle with a wonderful lush park, Taste tapas at the restaurant "Borgmästargården" or Kipper's cellar which we thought tasted wonderful. Seek out the crazy sausage café Sotnosen which is an experience in itself and don't forget Skåne's roots in "Blåherremölla".

Find here: Kristianstad is located inside the Hanö Bay in the south-eastern part of Sweden belonging to Skåne, also known as Österlen.

Göra i Skåne

2. Holiday with vodka and glass in Åhus

Åhus in Skåne is a lovely holiday resort, known for its Absolut Vodka and a lovely Absolut Vodka museum. By the boats there is Åhus' own ice cream (Ottoglass) that you can enjoy at the quay.

Stroll around the old houses that once housed the tobacco industry, and then head to the beautiful Åla coast, known for its eel stalls and eel gills, and meet the fishermen in Örenäs who have lots to tell you about fishing in Åla.

Find here: Åhus is a charming little seaside town in Kristianstad municipality in south-eastern Sweden.

Göra i Skåne

3. Pia's Kitchen in Kristianstad - taste Sweden's smallest restaurant!

Pia's Kitchen in Kristianstad must be one of the smallest restaurants in Sweden. The small restaurant is located in a charming little cottage on the Åland coast in Skåne and has room for 8 guests. Here you get a very special experience while enjoying creative 7-course menus made from local seasonal ingredients.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

4. Cosy accommodation in Skåne - stay close to nature at Cocoon meetings

In May this year, we spent a night in a wonderfully cosy accommodation in Skåne. At Cocoon meetings you get close to nature and if you want you can stay in simple glamping cabins without electricity or running water. A truly relaxing experience with fantastic food.

Find here: Cocoonmeetings is located at Borråkravägen 60 in Degeberga

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

5. Open your senses in Yangtorp Qigong Temple

Yangtorp is something as unusual as a giant qigong temple in Skåne. In the middle of the Scanian landscape, among fields, cows and cottages, rises the magnificent and ornate temple.

For a long time the temple lay in ruins and was robbed of everything of value. Now it has risen again, and today qigong courses, retreats and conferences are organised here. Take the opportunity to visit the nearby "Colour from the past" barn and get a historical nostalgia kick.

How to get here: Yangtorp is located at Jönstorp northwest of Simrishamn.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

6. Things to do in Skåne: Visit Ivön and Bäckaskog Castle

Ivön and Bäckaskog Castle in Skåne is located just north-east of Kristianstad. The 16th century castle was originally a 13th century monastery. We spent a long time looking for a very special horse grave in the castle park. Charles XV had a horse that has its own tombstone (Hingsten Scheik 1872) which is located in the beautiful park full of artworks. Ghost tours of the castle are also organised here.

Head over to Ivön (Skåne's largest island) by free ferry and visit the Ivö klack nature reserve and walk through lush beech forest and experience the Ungsmunnarna caves, or experience the giant boulders of Kjugekull.

Find here: Ivön, or Ivö as it may also be called, is located in Ivösjön in Kristianstad municipality, not far from Bäckaskog Castle. The island is 12.39 square kilometres, making it the largest island in Skåne.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

7. Kronovalls castle - check out the beautiful wine castle in Skåne

Kronovall Castle has had many different owners over the years, but since the end of the 19th century it has been owned by the Sparre family. It was also Count Carl Gustaf Sparre of Sövdeborg who had the castle rebuilt to give it the appearance it has, and today the castle serves as a wine castle.  

It organises wine tastings, summer parties, castle weekends with wine packages and weekends with Italian wines. The hotel rooms are named after different wine varieties such as NegroAmaro, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Here you will find a baroque garden, English park and ghosts. 10 minutes from the castle you will also find St Olav's medieval church, which has often been voted among the top 20 most beautiful in Sweden.

Find here: Kronovall Castle is located in Tomelilla municipality, on Österlen in eastern Skåne. The castle is just over 5 kilometres south of Kristianstad and about 4 kilometres north of Ystad.

Things to do in Skåne

8. Glimmingehus - see the Nordic region's best-preserved medieval castle

Glimmingehus in Skåne is the best preserved medieval castle in the Nordic region. Built at the end of the 15th century, when Skåne belonged to Denmark, the castle was an exclusive residence with everything from modern heating to aggressive defence. The castle was supposed to be demolished in 1676 by King Charles XI but luckily it failed. Today, Glimminge Hus is a huge tourist attraction and only 15 km from popular Simrishamn.

Find here: Glimmingehus is located in Österlen in south-eastern Skåne, about 15 kilometres south-west of Simrishamn.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

9. Sandhammaren in Österlen - enjoy a beautiful sandy beach

Sandhammaren in Österlen is a beautiful sandy beach with soft, fine-grained sand, which has repeatedly appeared on lists of Sweden's finest beaches. The area is also a nature reserve and the seabed outside is home to Sweden's largest ship graveyard.

Find here: Sandhammaren is located in the far south-eastern corner of Skåne. The beach is just under a mile east of Kåseberga, 2.6 miles east of Ystad and just under 2.5 miles south of Simrishamn.

Ales stenar
Things to do in Skåne

10. Ale's stones - fascinated by a mystery from Skåne?

Ales stenar is Sweden's largest and best preserved ship setting. The stone formation sits magnificently on a hill above the village of Kåseberga on the south coast of Österlen in Skåne. It is known that the shipwreck dates to sometime between 500 and 1000 AD, but much else remains a mystery.

Find here: Ales stenar is located at Kåseberga, just under two kilometres east of Ystad. From Kåseberga it is only a short walk up to the impressive stones.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

11. Discover Ystad, one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden!

Ystad is a quaint and charming little gem with half-timbered houses, cosy streets and lots of history. This is a great city to discover on holiday, whether you want to go on guided city walks, have fun with your family or enjoy a coffee shop.

Visit the Greyfriars Monastery, founded by Franciscan monks in 1267, or follow in the footsteps of Kurt Wallander. There's the Birgitta House, where Charles XII stayed during his visit, or check out the Pilgimshuset, the oldest half-timbered house in the Nordic region, built in 1840. Per Helsa's farm is considered to be the most extensive and best preserved half-timbered building in Sweden, or the 15th-century apothecary house in Ystad is one of the oldest still inhabited houses in all of Scandinavia. Take the opportunity to take a swim by the sea right next door in fine sandy beaches or have an ice cream in the Bäckahästen café.

Find here: Ystad is located in southern Skåne, about 20 miles south-east of Malmö.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

12. Things to do in Skåne: South coast in smygehuk - Sweden's southernmost headland

Smygehuk in Skåne is Sweden's southernmost cape. There is a small harbour, some cosy little restaurants and beautiful nature. Above all, there are a number of signs that clearly indicate that you are at the southernmost point in Sweden.

Smygehuk is located at the town of Smygehamn, east of Trelleborg on the south coast of Skåne, and belongs to the municipality of Trelleborg.

Things to do in Skåne

13. Get around and see cool street art in Malmö

Street Art in Malmö! It can be called street art, street art, murals, wall paintings or simply public art. Whatever you call it, you will find a lot of it in Malmö. You can find a map on FREEDOMtravel.se under the button "READ MORE".

Malmö is located in western Skåne, about 27 kilometres southwest of Lund.

Things to do in Skåne

14. Things to do in Skåne: exploring the lovely city of Malmö

This Scanian city has a lot to offer in terms of charming neighbourhoods, lovely beaches and exciting attractions. Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and the largest city closest to the continent. Here you'll find a cold bath house, a small square, Pildamm Park, the fishing huts, Malmöhus Castle, a market hall and Sweden's tallest building, Turning Torso.

Malmö is located in western Skåne, about 27 kilometres southwest of Lund.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

15. Take a trip to the beautiful city of Trelleborg

What to do in Trelleborg? Sweden's southernmost city has become known as 'Palm City', with its avenue lined with tall palm trees in true Miami style. Meet the story of the Viking King Harald Bluetooth from Trelleborg Castle in the 9th century who ruled from here.

Stroll around the city park and discover all the museums such as Trelleborg Museum, Trelleborg Maritime Museum and Axel Ebbe Art Gallery. The Borgquist Hat Museum, which showcases a hat and cap shop that closed in 1978, and has been operating since 1866...Charmingly worse. Here are our top tips for things to see and do.

Find here: Trelleborg is located in south-west Skåne, just over 20 miles south-east of Malmö.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

16. Swim and sunbathe on the sandy beaches of Skanör, one of the best in Sweden.

The coastline is incredibly beautiful with long sandy beaches, small cosy harbours and yellow waving rapeseed fields. Skanör is located on the Falsterbonäset in south-west Skåne. Close by is the twin town of Falsterbo, which is why you often hear the two towns mentioned together. "When we are abroad, we sometimes say that this beach is almost as nice as at home". Good marks or what?

Find here: Skanör is located on Falsterbonäset in south-west Skåne. Close by is the twin town of Falsterbo, which is why you often hear the two towns mentioned together.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

17. Hiking in Dalby Söderskog - Europe's smallest national park

Dalby Söderskog National Park is Europe's smallest national park. Located outside Lund in Skåne, the nature area is beautiful - and very small. Nearby are Skrylle Nature Reserve, Dalby Church, Sweden's oldest building, and the popular swimming area at Dalby Quarry.

Find here: Dalby Söderskog National Park is located on the outskirts of Dalby, one kilometre east of Lund in Skåne. Together with the nature reserve Dalby Norreskog, it forms an area called Dalby hage.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

18. Feel the culture in Lund - an open-air museum in the centre of the city

Kulturen i Lund is an open-air museum spanning two blocks in the centre of Lund. Here you can peek inside everything from crofts to castle houses, and there are also plenty of both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Find here: Kulturen i Lund is located in the centre of Lund, right next to Lundagård, the University House and the Cathedral. The entrance is at Tegnérplatsen 6.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

19. Things to do in Skåne: Cycling around the historic city of Lund

Lund is now Sweden's 12th largest city, and is a place that mainly attracts students who want to study at its prestigious university. During certain periods in history, however, the city has played a much bigger role than that. In the 12th century, Lund was the most important city in Denmark, and in the same century it also became the archbishop's seat in the Nordic region.

Lund has many charming neighbourhoods with cobbled alleys, half-timbered houses and winding greenery, Lunda Farm, the University House and the University Library. Mighty Lund Cathedral from the 12th century and the astronomical clock on the left inside the entrance. See the historical museum and savour the market hall, the beautiful city park and the lovely botanical garden (Botan) with 7000 different species and today one of Sweden's most visited gardens.

Find here: Lund is located in Skåne, almost two kilometres northeast of Malmö.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

20. Strolling in Jakriborg in Skåne - inspired by the Middle Ages

Jakriborg is a residential area on the Scanian plain, just south of Lund, that looks like a cross between a medieval Hanseatic city and a modern fairytale town. Here, colourful houses with steep roofs, cobbled streets and signs for 'specerier' and 'charkuterier' meet.

In fact, the neighbourhood is not very old. Architects Robin Manger and Marcus Axelsson, through the property company Jakri AB, realised their idea sometime in the 1990s, and the first tenants moved in in 1999.

Find here: Jakriborg is located between Lund and Malmö in Skåne, with about 6 kilometres to central Lund and about 10 kilometres to central Malmö.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

21. Take a scenic day trip to the vein in Skåne.

You can easily get to Ven by ferry from Landskrona which takes 30 minutes. We bought the ticket in the harbour office the day before, but you can also buy the ticket the same day or online.

Cycling is the best way to experience the island of Ven, whether it is your own bike or rented on site. See Backafall, eat a Hven ice cream, play football golf, visit the council house, enjoy the Tycho Brahe museum, see St. Ibbs church and the guest harbour of kyrkbacken, try Hven's own whiskey "Spirits of Hven", try glamping at Camp Ven, sunbathe and swim in Norreborg harbour or take nature walks with alpacas and much more.

Find here: Ven is located 4.5 kilometres off the west coast of Skåne and 8.5 kilometres off Denmark. The island is part of Landskrona municipality and belongs to Skåne.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

22. Get inspired by cosy Landskrona

Landskrona Museum is centrally located in the city and it may be a good idea to start your Landskrona visit here, where you can find information and maps. Check out Landskrona Theatre from 1901, the beautiful Tyghuset on Kasernplan and Landskrona Town Hall from 1882-1884. Take a look at Sofia Albertina Church from 1788 or a guided tour of Landskrona Castle from 1559.

Surrounding the castle is Sweden's largest allotment, which is incredibly beautiful and well maintained, and it is also home to Sweden's only allotment museum, the Rothoffska Colony, built in 1903. Experience the art gallery and go swimming and enjoy life.

Find here: Landskrona is located on the Öresund in western Skåne, between Helsingborg and Malmö.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

23. Things to do in Skåne: Visit Råå - picturesque in southern Helsingborg

Råå is a truly picturesque little gem. When we arrived here, we immediately wanted to go out and take pictures of all the boats and small charming houses along the estuary. There are also several small restaurants and shops as well as the Råå Museum for fishing and shipping.

One of Helsingborg's three cold baths is located in Råå. Rååbaden is a cold bath house with a sauna and is run by the Rååbadarna association on behalf of the City of Helsingborg. The bathhouse has a long history and was built in 1897.

Find here: Råå is located in southern Helsingborg, on the west coast of Skåne.

Things to do in Skåne

24. Cosy up in beautiful Helsingborg

Helsingborg which is an old castle better known as Kärnan when you want to experience history, Kullagatan which is Sweden's oldest pedestrian street when you want to be nostalgic, Väla shopping centre when you want to go shopping, Restaurang Gastro when you want to eat well, Glassbussen (best in Skåne) when you want to cuddle in the sun, Forsea and take a boat over to Helsingör when you want to be adventurous, S:ta Maria church when you have lost your faith, Dunkers kulturhus when you want to be intellectual.

See the town hall when you want to see something beautiful, Swim at Tropical beach or "Fria bad" when it's hot, Play at Toy world or the bus factory when you want to be childish, Go to Tropicariet when you want to see cute animals, Experience Fredriksdal open air museum to get a taste of history, Stroll in Sofiero castle and castle garden to feel special, feel the health fountains in Ramlösa brunnspark, wash yourself at Kallis or Pålsjöbaden when you are dirty.

Find here: Helsingborg is located in south-west Sweden opposite Elsinore, on the west coast of Skåne.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

25. Visit the Tropical Aquarium in Helsingborg - exotic animals from around the world.

Tropikariet in Helsingborg is an exotic indoor park that showcases fascinating animals from Africa and South America. Here you can meet the world's smallest monkey, see the world's most poisonous animal or perhaps be charmed by the curious meerkats.

This is an interesting exhibition where you can familiarise yourself with animals such as the Egyptian cave flying dog, the owl monkey, the red-billed spider and the slow loris.

Find here: You can find Tropikariet at Hävertgatan 21 in the northern part of Helsingborg, opposite the open-air museum Fredriksdal.

Things to do in Skåne

26. View the frameless well park

Ramlösa brunnspark in Helsingborg has a history dating back to the 17th century, when the first health-giving spring was discovered here. Ramlösa brunn served as a health resort for a long time, and the water for Ramlösa mineral water is still drawn here today.

Find here: Ramlösa brunnspark is located in Ramlösa about five kilometres south of central Helsingborg.

Things to do in Skåne

27. Things to do in Skåne: Walking around Fredriksdal in Helsingborg

Fredriksdal in Helsingborg, or Fredriksdal Museum and Gardens, is a lovely open-air museum in Skåne. Here you can experience old-fashioned buildings, meet farm animals and walk in beautiful gardens.

Find here: Fredriksdal is located just north-east of the centre of Helsingborg, in north-western Skåne.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

28. Elevated in Sofiero Palace and Gardens - royal floral splendour!

Sofiero castle was built in 1865 for the then Prince Oscar, later Oscar II, and Princess Sofia of Nassau. When Oscar's older brother Charles XV died, Oscar became king, and now the royal couple of Sweden were living in the palace.

The royal family spent a lot of time at the palace, but when Sofia became ill over time and was prescribed 'dry forest air', there was less time at Sofiero. In 1905, the palace was given as a wedding gift to her granddaughter. Gustav Adolf and his wife, the English Princess Margaret.

Find here: Sofiero Castle and Castle Garden is located 5 kilometres north of central Helsingborg.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

29. Step into Höganäs in Skåne - the ceramics town on the west coast.

Höganäs was originally a fishing village but over time, with the mining industry of coal and clay, it developed into a place where ceramics, such as the famous Höganäskrusen, were produced. The village is located on the Kulla peninsula in north-western Skåne, about 25 kilometres north-west of Helsingborg.

At the far end of the same pier is the artwork 'Open Hand'. Created by Kerstin Ahlgren in 2003, the sculpture symbolises the flight of Jews to Höganäs in Skåne from occupied Denmark during the Second World War. A total of around 1200 Danish Jews came to the harbour in 1943, escaping deportation to the concentration camps.

Find here: The town is located on the Kulla peninsula in northwest Skåne, about 25 kilometres northwest of Helsingborg.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

30. Tasting Swedish vineyards around Skåne

Do Swedish vineyards exist? Yes, they do, and Swedish wine is on the rise on the international wine scene. We visited four different vineyards in southern Sweden. Sweden has actually been an official wine country since 1999, and Systembolaget's sales of Swedish wine increased by 225 per cent between 2015 and 2019.

We have visited Kullaberg vineyard, Arilds vineyard, Vejby vineyard and Ystad vineyard which we write about here.

Find here: The vineyard is located on the Kulla peninsula in northwest Skåne, about 25 kilometres northwest of Helsingborg.

Things to do in Skåne

31. take a trip to Krapperup Castle in Skåne with its fantastic castle park

Krapperup Castle is a Scanian estate dating back to the 14th century. Today there is a beautiful castle from the 16th century, a lovely castle park, café and art gallery. Krapperup Castle is one of Skåne's oldest and historically most important estates. Today, the estate is owned and run by the Gyllenstiernska Krapperup Foundation, which aims to support science and research. 

Read more about the Danish-Swedish history of Krapperup Castle here.

Find here: The castle is located on the Kulla Peninsula in northwest Skåne, about 25 kilometres northwest of Helsingborg.

Göra i Skåne

32. pass through the Kulla Peninsula and the Kullaberg Nature Reserve.

The Kulla Peninsula has lots to offer and lots of trails with beautiful scenery, here you will find beautiful Mölle, several vineyards, Nimiz artwork, Höganäs, fine Mölle golf course, Arilds golf course, Höganäs golf course, castles and lots of caves. Go to Kullen lighthouse and enjoy the view of the sea on the headland, or look for the caves Lahibia Cave, Silver Cave which we found on our trip, Visit Cave, Söftinge Cave or Valdemar Cave.

Find here: The Kulla Peninsula in northwest Skåne, about 12 kilometres northwest of Höganäs.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

33. Things to do in Skåne: Walk to the cool Nimis artwork.

Measuring almost 200 metres in length, the Nimis artwork takes possession of the inaccessible site in an exciting way. The unauthorised construction challenges the mind, and the more you immerse yourself in it, the more fascinated you become. The site is in an inaccessible location, but despite the challenge and effort of getting there, it has been estimated that the site is visited by 40,000 people annually. Directions in the post.

Find here: Nimis is located in the Kullaberg nature reserve on the Kulla peninsula in northwest Skåne, about 12 kilometres northwest of Höganäs.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

34. Make your home in charming Ängelholm

Ängelholm is a nice city and a cozy centre along Storgatan and the main square to stroll in where the tourist centre is also located, and the city park and Tullportsplatsen of course. We visited the railway museum which we thought was really fun for all ages, then we went directly to the aviation museum to satisfy our hunger for museums. Ängelholm has several nice beaches by the bay such as Råbocka, havsbaden, Hunnabadet or Sibirien beach.

The biggest crowd puller in Ängelholm is Hembygdsparken, which is for everyone. Here you will find a zoo and several animal enclosures, five museums, waffle houses, ice cream, restaurants, stages, miniature golf, Upzone adventure park which is huge in Ängelholm. Take the puddle train that runs between the railway museum, the park and the centre of Ängelholm. See Ängelholm's church and take a trip on the beautiful Rönne river with the tour boat Laxen.

Find here: Ängelholm lies between the Kulla Peninsula and the Bjäre Peninsula in the bay in north-west Skåne.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

35. Things to do in Skåne: Learn more about the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula

The Bjäre Peninsula offers beautiful nature with dramatic landscapes and idyllic small towns. Here you will find Vejby vineyard, charming Torekov harbour where everyone bikes in a bathrobe to the "morning bridge" most of the time, bathing places for all ages, guided tours for seal safaris and bird watching, walking in the white lily forest, having an ice cream in the harbour, walking at "Dagshög" Skåne's largest burial mound or a trip to Halland's weather island.

Hovs Hallar with dramatic cliffs and beautiful nature where you will find rauks, cave formations and shingle fields. The car park also has a restaurant and toilets. Along the northern coast is Norrviken's garden, which is a day experience in itself, founded by Rudolf Albelin in 1906 with Baroque garden, Water garden, Japanese garden with the unique tree "Vresboken", Renaissance garden, North German planting, Eastern terrace & Romantic garden, restaurant and 2022 a unique art gallery.

Here you will also find the famous Båstad, which once a year attracts over 100,000 people for its tennis and has plenty to offer when it comes to restaurants and spas.

Find here: The Bjäre Peninsula lies at the top of north-west Skåne. Above Båstad, the landscape of Halland borders it.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

36. Get to the Birgit Nilsson Museum - starry-eyed in the Scanian soil

Birgit Nilsson Museum tells the story of the farmer's daughter who became a world star. Sometimes reality surpasses poetry, and this is such an occasion. Do you like fascinating stories about special people? Then the Birgit Nilsson Museum is for you!

Birgit Nilsson grew up on a farm in Skåne, the daughter of a farmer. She became a global artist and one of the greatest classical singers of the 20th century. Birgit Nilsson sang everything from Mozart to operas by Richard Strauss, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. She became best known for her powerful and passionate performance of Richard Wagner's works.

Find here: Birgit Nilsson Museum is located in Svenstad, just outside Båstad on the Bjäre Peninsula.

Göra i Skåne
Things to do in Skåne

37. Things to do in Skåne: Take in Båstad

Båstad with a motorhome - are you welcome? Yes, you can ask yourself that. The feeling in the stomach was not so good and we quickly named the parking space / car park where we stood as the absolute worst parking space of the trip. Men Of course, there are also a lot of nice things to experience in - and especially around - Båstad, so in addition to whining, we also share the positive tips!

Find here: Båstad is the largest town on the Bjäre Peninsula in north-west Skåne. The town is right on the border with Halland, and in fact the eastern parts of the municipality are part of Halland County and the county of Halland.

Göra i Skåne

38. Admire the gardens of Norrviken - fantastic park outside Stockholm

Norrviken Gardens, located outside Båstad in Skåne, was built in the late 19th century by gardening enthusiast Rudolf Abelin. Today this is a fantastic park with a range of fascinating style gardens, a restaurant and even activities for children. A wonderful destination!

Find here: Norrviken Gardens is located outside Båstad on the Bjäre Peninsula in north-eastern Skåne.

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Skåne's provincial coat of arms in the 17th century - Sueciaverket

What to see and do in Skåne - facts

  • Part of the country: Götaland
  • County: Skåne County
  • Pin: Diocese of Lund
  • City of residence: Malmö
  • Flag: The Scanian flag was created at the end of the 19th century and has a yellow background with a red cross.
  • Biggest lake: Ivösjön
  • Largest island: Ivory Island
  • Highest point: Söderåsen - 212 metres above sea level
  • Surface: 1o 939 km 2
  • Population: 1 375 278 (2019)
  • Titular: Duke Prince Oscar
  • Element: Aluminium
  • Insect: Beech forest runner
  • Landscape fish: Eel
  • Landscape moss: shadow box moss
  • Landscape stone: Flint
  • Landscape singing: Vackra hembygd, du som vilar, Skånesången (The Song of Skåne)
  • Landscape flower: daisy
  • Landscape animals: Crown deer
  • Landscape bird: Happy
  • Landscape mushrooms: Meadow mushroom
  • Landscape apples: Flavour
  • Constellation: Cassiopeia
  • Star: Schedar
  • Weapons: In a gold field, a red torn griffin's head with a blue crown and blue beaks and tongue.
  • National Park: Stenshuvud National Park in Österlen, Dalby Söderskog National Park with its deciduous forest grove, Söderåsen National Park is located east of Helsingborg and here you will find beech forest-clad ridges, streams galore and dramatic valleys.
  • Cultural reserve: Örnarnäs in Osby municipality in the province of Skåne with its farm environment and agricultural landscape. Old-fashioned agriculture remains here and is preserved to understand what happened in Örnanäs in 1584, then called Ørnes. It was originally a solitary farm, which was destroyed by fire by Swedish troops in April 1678 during the Scanian War and later rebuilt.
  • Fine nature reserves: Fjällmossen nature reserve, Tosteberga ängar nature reserve, Måkläppen nature reserve, Forsakarravinen nature reserve, Sandhammarens nature reserve, Kullaberg nature reserve.
  • Hiking trails: Skåneleden, hovdala runt, Kullaleden, Hillehögs dalar, Mälarhusets strand, Hallamölla, Klova hallar, etc.
  • Largest centres: Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund, Kristianstad, Landskrona, Trelleborg, Ängelholm, Ystad
  • Largest watercourse: Helge å
  • Landscape law: Brännesnuda, Egg cake, Slow cooked pork belly with carrot puree. More about Swedish food
  • Famous people: Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Country singer Jill Johnsson, Artist Måns Zelmerlöw, TV chef Tina Nordström, Artist Timbuktu, Comedian Nour el Refai, Author Björn Ranelid, Actor Carolina Gynning, Comedian Johan Glans, Artist Sanna Nielsen, Artist Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson, Footballer Henrik Larsson

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