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Blog meeting and night out in Gothenburg

We weren't the only ones in Gothenburg this weekend. Another blogger, who we know from the blog world, was also visiting the west coast. What fun that we were here at the same time! And what fun to finally meet!


Blog meeting in Gothenburg

Helly, who has the great blog Swedish girl in Sicily, was in Gothenburg at the same time as us. We met over a glass of wine at Hotel Avalon, really nice and fun!


Dinners and parties

In the evening, Peter and I had fish from "Feskarbröderna" and white wine in the camper van, before we went out dancing. This evening we ended up at Push, which is run by the Stureplans group, which was noticeable! The cream of Gothenburg's young, beautiful and rich were partying here. But we must say that there was good music on the dance floor and a fair terrace. Tomorrow it will be rainbow walk!

Husbil Göteborg

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