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Things to do in Falkenberg - 12 sights and experiences

What to see and do in Falkenberg? Falkenberg is a lovely west coast town with a lot to offer, from history and museums to beaches, nature and good food. Here are our top tips on what to see and do in Falkenberg!



Falkenberg is a town on the west coast of Halland that naturally offers sun and swimming, but also a lot of exciting surprises. We visited Falkenberg in August this year, with our motorhome. We had time to see and do a lot in this nice town, but we didn't have time to write. Here is our report!

Falkenberg is located on the west coast of Halland, about 45 kilometres north of Halmstad and 30 kilometres south of Varberg.

What can you do in Falkenberg?

So what can you see and do in Falkenberg? We can confirm that there is a lot to discover. We have collected our best tips here in a list.

1. Strolling in the Old Town

When visiting Falkenberg, you won't want to miss the Old Town, with its winding cobbled streets and charming wooden houses in beautiful colours. Here you can see Laurentiiparken with Gåsatorget, Falkenberg's local history museum and Hindströmsgården, which was probably built in the 18th century.

If you want to learn more about the history of the city, you can follow the historical walk "Keys to the city". The route is about two kilometres long, and at each stop there is a sign telling the history of the place.

2. peek into the church of St Laurentii

St Laurentii's Church is Falkenberg's oldest building, with some parts remaining from the 14th century. The church was burned down in the 16th century, but it was rebuilt and the tower was added in the 18th century.

Göra i Falkenberg - Sankt laurentii kyrka

When Falkenberg got a new church in 1892, they stopped using St Laurentii for religious purposes, and instead used the building as a gymnasium, tennis court, wrestling hall and cinema.

In the 1920s, extensive renovations were carried out, revealing fantastic wall and ceiling paintings from the 16th and 18th centuries. Today, the building serves as a church again, and is popular for baptisms and weddings. We highly recommend popping in just to look at the beautiful old paintings.

3. See art at the RIAN Design Museum

RIAN is a renowned and exciting design museum located in a historic building by the river Ätran. The museum continuously shows new exciting exhibitions, and sometimes guided tours of the exhibitions are organised. When we were here, we saw a very nice exhibition with the ceramicist Hertha Hillfon.

Göra i Falkenberg - RIAN designmuseum

We also became involved in the artwork "Kretskort" by BOOM! - a female separatist glass group that emerged from the need to create arenas for Swedish glass on more equal terms. Because yes, in this exhibition, you had to get involved to understand the message and get the disco ball spinning!
Göra i Falkenberg - RIAN designmuseum

4. Sunbathing and swimming at Skrea beach

Skrea beach offers a fine sandy beach with opportunities for sunbathing, swimming and jumping from the jetty. There are also many different activities at the beach. Here you will find, for example, Skrea Bangolf and the indoor swimming pool Klitterbadet, as well as opportunities for SUP, tennis and an outdoor gym. There are also plenty of restaurants and eateries.

If you want to spend your holiday at Skrea beach, you can stay at Falkenberg Strandbad or Ocean Hotel. If you prefer camping, you can choose between Skrea Camping and Hansagård Camping & Resort.

Göra i Falkenberg - Skrea strand

5. Check out Tullbron

Tullbron is perhaps one of Falkenberg's most famous landmarks, and a must-see. The beautiful old stone bridge began construction in 1756 and was completed five years later. It replaced an earlier wooden bridge, which was often destroyed by ice and spring floods. Until 1914, you had to pay a toll to cross the bridge, which explains the name. Since 1984, the bridge has been declared a listed building.

Göra i Falkenberg - Tullbron

6. Visit the Valleys

Vallarna is an oasis and a recreational area, a short walk from the centre of Falkenberg. There is an outdoor area, jogging tracks, an outdoor gym and opportunities for salmon fishing in the river Ätran. There is also the memory of Falkenberg Castle.

Built in the late 13th century, the castle was for a long time part of the Danish royal outpost to the north. The castle was attacked many times and in 1434 it was finally burned down by Engelbrekt's troops. Today only minor ruins remain of the castle.

However, the legend of the Ätrajungfrau is still alive - she was trapped in the underground with the remaining treasures. She is now said to watch over the treasures in the form of a rooster, and if Falkenberg is in trouble again, she will wake up from her sleep and return the treasures.

Göra i Falkenberg - Vallarna

Vallarna also offers many varied activities for families, children, young people and adults. There's the Vallarna playground, mini-zoo, disco golf, skate park, parkour park, mini-golf, boules centre and much more.

The area is also home to the Vallarna open-air theatre. The story began with the popular duo Stedan & Krister, who needed a permanent stage for their comedy. Today, other actors usually take the stage, which is visited by around 60,000 people every year. This is also the site of the popular Allsång på Vallarna.

Göra i Falkenberg - Vallarna

7. Stroll along the Doctor's Promenade

The Doctor's Walk, which winds along the river Ätran, is named after Dr Gustaf Adam Ehrengranath, who was the town doctor in Falkenberg from 1856 to 1877. He believed that the town's inhabitants needed invigorating walks, so he had the two-kilometre-long trail constructed at his own expense.

Along the leafy walk, you are likely to see several salmon fishermen in the flowing water.

If you wish, you can continue over the Laxbron bridge and take the Laxpromenade back to town - the whole walk will be about four kilometres long.

8. Eat pizza at Little Napoli

Lilla Napoli in Falkenberg is the pizzeria for those who want to experience an authentic Neapolitan pizza, baked with carefully selected ingredients and a lot of love. The guys who run the restaurant, which is located in a shabby little barrack, have put their souls into the search for the perfect Neapolitan pizza, which has resulted in accolades in the White Guide and a large number of bookings.

To make sure you get to taste a pizza, make sure you book your dough well in advance - in high season, preferably several weeks in advance.

9. Be impressed by Falkenberg's church

Falkenberg Church, or Falkenberg's new church, is a Gothic Revival building dating from 1892, when it replaced the older St Laurentii Church.

The church is beautiful and powerful in many ways. You can definitely take a look inside, although we found the church most impressive on the outside.

10. Experience nature in Grimsholmen nature reserve

One thing to do in Falkenberg, if you like nature, is to stop at Grimsholmen Nature Reserve. Here you are met by a beautiful open landscape with coastal meadows, heather, cliffs, pine forest and small charming fishing huts.

Everywhere you see cows and sheep grazing, or lazing in the green grass. This is a truly relaxed and beautiful area where you can hike, swim or birdwatch.

11. Strolling at Långasand beach

Långasand beach is a nice and shallow sandy beach located south of Falkenberg.

The beach is child-friendly and offers beautiful scenery. You can look for shells and mussels and there are barbecue areas on the northern headland.

There are parking spaces near the beach, but please note that motorhomes and caravans are not welcome between 22-06.

12. shopping at Gekås Ullared

Gekås Ullared is today Sweden's largest tourist destination, with around 4.8 million visitors each year. The company was founded in 1963 under the name Ge-kås Manufaktur, and has since grown explosively.

Today, it is a destination with huge visitor car parks and busloads upon busloads of customers. The phenomenon has become so big that there are even TV series set in and around the department store. Many hours can be spent shopping at low prices.

More things to do in Falkenberg for culture lovers

There is of course even more to see and do in Falkenberg than our suggestions. Here are some more tips for those interested in culture and history.

  • Berte Museum is a nostalgia museum with lots of objects and built environments from the countryside (E6/E20, exit 48, Slöinge).
  • Falkenberg Local History Museum in the Old Town tells the history of the city. (St Lars Church Street 8)
  • Olympia Photo Museum showcases thousands of cameras, photo gadgets and images that tell the story of the evolution of photography (Sandgatan 13).
  • Monarchy Museum displays gadgets made by Monark and Crescent (Servicevägen 12 D).
  • Public art in Falkenberg is available in several places. A brochure is available from the RIAN Design Museum.

More things to do in Falkenberg for nature lovers

Do you like nature best? Then you can find some more suggestions for things to do in Falkenberg here:

  • Cycling you can do, for example along the Kategatt Trail, Ätranbaneleden, Pyttebaneleden, Fyrleden or Ätradalsleden.
  • Fishing is popular in Ätran, Fegesjön, Högvadsån, Ljungsjön, Suseån, Alvhagasjön, Vinån, Vismen and many other places.
  • Halland's most beautiful road is a route between Askome and Gällared, which was voted for when the Swedish Road Administration celebrated its 150th anniversary.
  • Morup seaweed is a beautiful and wildlife-rich nature reserve south of Glommen, with lots of birds and a lighthouse from 1841.
  • Canoeing can be done in several places, such as Ätran, Suseån, Högvadsån or Fegen.
  • Sumpafallen nature reserve is a popular destination with a gorge and a rapids.
  • Ugglarp is an area with beaches, Ullarp nature reserve, camping, farm shop and more.
Nature at Ugglarp's campsite in Falkenberg

More to do in Falkenberg with children

Here are also some more tips on things to do in Falkenberg with children or teenagers. I (Helena), who spent childhood summers in Tylösand, visited the Svedino car and aviation museum many times - and ate many SIA ice creams.

  • Horse riding can do at Eddylou ranch (Särestad Furulund 105, Asige)
  • Ullared high-altitude railway is located in Gekåsbyn. (Ullared)
  • The dune baths is a swimming pool with a 50-metre pool, activity pool, whirlpool, training and treatments (Havsbadsallén).
  • SIA Glass located in Slöinge with shop and ice cream parlour (Stenlösavägen 33, Slöinge)
  • Svedino Car and Aviation Museum has one of the largest collections of old cars and aeroplanes in Europe (Ullarp 123, Ugglarp).
  • Vallarna skate park consists of over 1000 square metres of concrete and steel structures for skateboarding and kickbiking (Läroverksgatan).
Ice cream in large batches, photo: SIA Glass

Where can you stay or park your motorhome?

We stayed with our motorhome at Falkenbergs Gästhamn & Ställplats. This is a really good place, with excellent service and convenient distance to the city centre. The only thing that was a bit tricky for us was that we did not manage to book the next night in the vending machine before the first one expired which meant that when we left a few hours in the middle of the day, we did not know if we would get a place again.

In addition to this site, there is a parking space in Lövstaviken's marina. There are also several different campsites, such as Skrea camping, Ugglarps camping, Olofsbo camping, Rosendal camping, Gekåsbyn and Hansagård camping & resort.

More to see and do in the neighbourhood

Just south of Falkenberg is Halmstad, which offers historical sights, golf, beaches and art experiences. If you drive north instead, you will reach Varberg, with Varberg Fortress and its beautiful cold bath house. For those who like spa and wine, we can recommend beautiful Ästad vineyard. It is also not far from the World Heritage Site of Grimeton radio station.

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Even more to see and do in Falkenberg?

Have you visited Falkenberg? Tell us about your experience! Maybe you have even more tips on things to see and do in Falkenberg?

Facts about Falkenberg

  • Landscape: Halland
  • County: Halland County
  • District: Falkenberg, Skrea, Stafsinge and Vinberg districts
  • Residents: More than 46 000 in the municipality (2021)
  • Read more: You can find more information at the municipality's website.

History in Falkenberg

  • 13th century: The first written records of Falkenberg date from this time, when the town, like the rest of Halland, belonged to Denmark.
  • 14th century: From this time until the Nordic Seven Years' War, the town of Ny-Falkenberg also existed.
  • 1434: Falkenberg Castle, from which the county of Falkenberg was governed, was destroyed by Engelbrekt's troops. The castle was not rebuilt and the county was abolished.
  • 1558: The first known letter of privilege dates from this period.
  • 20th century: The city began to spread also on the southern side of the river Ätran.
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