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City guides to Swedish cities and towns

Here you will find city guides to Swedish cities. In recent years, we have travelled extensively in Sweden and this has resulted in a large number of city guides. We collect them all in this report - and add more as we go along.

Our city guides to Swedish cities and towns

We write city guides to Swedish cities and towns that we have visited ourselves. They usually have a similar structure. Our Swedish city guides look like this:

  • Some general information about the city/place
  • A map
  • Tips for 5-30 things to see and do
  • More things to do for those who are specifically interested in culture, nature or travelling with children
  • Tips on hotels (sometimes) and campsites and caravan parks
  • More to see and do in the neighbourhood
  • Fact box on the city/place
Cityguider till svenska städer - Karlskrona

City guides to Swedish cities and towns - in alphabetical order

Here you will find our city guides to Swedish cities and towns, in alphabetical order. As we make more guides, we will update and add them here.

Cityguider till svenska städer - Jönköping

More places we have written about (not complete guides)

In addition to our real city guides, we have written about some other places. These may be slightly shorter reports, and they may not be structured in the same way as the guides. But of course you can find tips on things to see and do here too.


Are you missing a city guide for a particular city?

We will continue to write city guides as we visit different Swedish cities. Is there any particular city that you would like a guide to?

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