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A motorhome under the tree

The smallest members of the family may also want a motorhome - and what could be better than a motorhome under the tree? Luckily, the motorhomes in the photos are not in the half-million dollar range, but you can get them a bit cheaper. There are different models to choose from too.


These are all available at BR Leksaker (no, this is not an advert, I'm sure they are available elsewhere too). Which one is your favourite?

Pink wooden camper van

A fully integrated model in a new trendy design (saw in the latest issue of Husbilen Test that flower power cars were present at the Birmingham Motorhome Show). Approximate price 270 SEK.

Fully equipped Hymer

A fully equipped Hymer with AC, awning, large garage, table, chairs, a motorbike and two bicycles. Approximate price 250 SEK.

Lego camper van with bike and grill

This is the only alcove car we found. But you don't just get an alcove, you also get a bike, a barbecue and a surfboard. What more could you want for your holiday? Approximate price 200 kr.

Colourful motorhome

It's not clear what kind of model this is, but it's always nice to see innovation in the motorhome market. The driver can have the wind in his face in this colourful model. Approximate price 150 SEK.

a motorhome under the tree for the adults

Update: We can now also suggest small motorhomes under the tree for the adults! Why not a dishcloth, a trivet or a key ring in the shape of a campervan? You can see some examples in the pictures. You can find many more variants in our online shop.

Diskduk husbil - Disktrasa husbil
Dish cloth (available in 6 variants and several different colours)
Nyckelring Husbil
Silicone keyring (available in 4 different variants)
Grytunderlägg Husbil Classic
Silicone trivet in the shape of a camper van (available in 4 variants)

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