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Is there caviar abroad?

Is there caviar in a tube (like "Kalles caviar") abroad? Since we usually want to try local food when we are travelling, we tend to think that this kind of question is uninteresting. But if you're living abroad or staying abroad for a long time, you might want to try flavours from home sometimes. We have been travelling around much of Europe for 10 months now, so what about... is there caviar abroad?


Speciality shops

In most countries and shops in southern Europe, caviar is NOT available in tubes of the Kalles caviar type. However, if you are in tourist destinations where there are many Scandinavians, it is possible to find it. For example, we found Kalle's caviar in the upscale Apolónia supermarket on the Algarve coast in Portugal and in a grocery store in Barcelona. Torrevieja in Spain, where many Swedes live.

I also understand that many expatriate Swedes buy caviar at IKEA, although they no longer sell Kalle's caviar but their own brand, if I understand correctly.

"Caviar Creme" in Croatia

But now we've discovered that there are also foreign producers who make a similar product! When we bought this tube (pictured) at Konzum in Croatia, we didn't know exactly what it would contain. But it tastes just like caviar in a tube usually tastes, and that's what you see in the top picture in the post as well. So now we can vary with caviar sandwiches sometimes if we feel like it.

What are your experiences? Do you crave caviar or any other Swedish product when you are abroad, and if so, do you have any tricks to get it?

"Caviar creme" köpt på Konzum i Kroatien
"Caviar creme" bought at Konzum in Croatia
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