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Shopping in supermarkets in Croatia


Grocery shopping abroad is always fun! What is it like to shop in supermarkets in Croatia? Yes, if you visit the biggest supermarkets you will find most things, but there is still a lot that differs from Sweden ... By the way, look carefully at the top picture in the post and find an "error"!


This is in abundance

Paprika, paprika, paprika! In Croatian supermarkets, paprika seasoning is sold in one-kilo bags and the shelves of ajvar (paprika sauce) and pickled peppers are low. In addition, you can buy all sorts of products already flavoured with paprika: chips, cheese, liver paste... and of course the domestic paprika-spiced minced meat dish pljeskavica.

Pleskevcka från affären (ovanligt liten) med ajvar och lite andra tillbehör som vi råkade ha hemma
Pljeskevica from the shop (unusually small) with ajvar and some other accessories we happened to have at home.

This is missing

We have found that large Konzum stores in Croatia are really good. Here we also find rare products like broccoli, avocado, saffron, crème fraiche, garlic sauce and Asian products like sambal oelek and wok sauce. If we are missing something, it is shellfish - so far we have only found prawns. Other things that we can't find (ready-made potato salad, chèvre, noodles and white beans in tomato sauce) we can perhaps live without.

This is tricky to understand

Everything is tricky to understand when you don't know the language. Does the jar at the milk counter contain cream, crème fraiche or cottage cheese? Not easy to know... Meat is also cut differently, so it is difficult to recognise the cuts in the meat counters. But occasionally, unexpectedly, it says ... in Swedish!

Ibland är det svårt att förstå vad som är i paketen, och ibland finns det översättning! Men å andra sidan - vad är Sultanens soppa...?
Sometimes it is difficult to understand what is in the packets, and sometimes there is a translation! But on the other hand - what is the Sultan's soup...?

Here's what we like

Fresh tuna fillet is really cheap. You can't order it in a restaurant, because they ruin it by frying it into a dry and boring shoe. But you can buy it and cook it yourself! We also like all the little packs of chicken paste - mild and tasty! And no, ajvar isn't that bad either!

Ikväll blev det tonfiskfilé i husbilen - självklart ska tonfisken vara röd eller rosa inuti!
Tonight we had a tuna fillet in the motorhome - of course the tuna should be red or pink inside!
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