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Good campsite at Pula in Istria

Now we have found a good campsite near Pula in Istria, after travelling along the Croatian west coast and the Adriatic Sea. The campsite Puntizela (Brioni) is located in southern Istria near Pula and is a very large family campsite with a long beach, shops, restaurants and cottages. A good campsite near Pula in general!


A good campsite at Pula

As soon as we rolled into campsites we met a Swedish couple who have spent the last 20 years here in their caravan. We have not met Swedes for a long time! They had a lot of useful tips, which of course was great for us. Then we met a Swedish couple that we met at Vaxholm's campsite last year. It's a small world, but how nice it is to be a camper, to be a family!

Camping vid Pula

Campsite at the beach

We are now beautifully situated in our spot right next to the beach. We are mostly outside enjoying the sun and swimming, but even from inside we can watch boats and children playing. The weather in Pula is a bit more pleasant than it was in Opatija, where it was almost unbearably hot. It is probably just as hot here, but there is also a nice breeze from the sea. Now we have it good simply and enjoy real summer!

We have a campsite right on the beach

Aquapark: playing in water

At the campsite in Pula there is an "aquapark" that you can use for half an hour, hour or half a day for a fee. The guys (all three!) wanted to try it today. I preferred to stay on land, but I had a lot of fun watching them through the camera lens. You should do this every day, says Peter, if you want to laugh out loud because it's so crazy and you can't hold back. A good laugh prolongs life.

Aqua park

See more in the neighbourhood

When you visit Camping Puntizela, you will of course want to visit Pula and its large, well-preserved amphitheatre. Nearby, it's also well worth visiting Fazana and the Brijuni Islands, one of Croatia's national parks.

Amfiteatern i Pula
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