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Vrsar in croatia - small town with big surprises

Vrsar in Croatia, on the west coast of Istria, is a medieval town where we visited a really good restaurant. We checked out the Porto Sole campsite and a naturist campsite Koversada in Vrsar. Both have great locations next to the Adriatic Sea and the nudist campsite also has its own island for glamping.


Vrsar in Croatia

Vrsar in Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea on the west coast of Istria, north of Rovinj and south of Porec. Vrsar is a little smaller than these two more famous tourist resorts, but perhaps just as nice.

Restaurant by the sea

Vrsar is located by the sea and it is nice to stroll along the quays and look at all the boats. There are also several restaurants, with nice outdoor seating right by the water. We found restaurant Trost, which is located in the centre of town, with a lovely view over the water.

Restaurang Trost i Vrsar

4-course dinner at Restaurant Trost

The staff were also exceptionally friendly and took the time to talk to us. They showed us fresh locally picked chanterelles and asked if we wanted them in our risotto? Yes, of course we did! Peter also got to take a selfie with Mr Hummer ...

Nyplockade kantareller från regionen
Restaurang Vrsar

What about the menu? Well, we started with a really good fish soup and continued with a tasty risotto with chanterelles and shrimps. The main course was fresh fish and squid, with the classic Croatian side dish for fish: potatoes with chard.

Färsk fisk och bläckfisk med tillbehör
Fresh fish and squid with accessories

Finally, we finished with two local pastries, a cake with pine nuts, cheese and poppy seeds and another with fat-free cheese and figs - and the latter was just soooo good!

Efterrätt på restaurang Trost i Vrsar i Kroatien
Dessert at Restaurant Trost

Camping Porto Sole in Vrsar

We stayed at a campsite Porto Sole - a nice campsite that is lush and nice even though it has 840 places. We got a super nice place right next to the sea, where we could sit with windows and doors open to the water. WiFi was included in the price (17 euros/day with ACSI card in low season) and worked very well. Best of all, it was within walking distance to town along a nice seafront promenade.

Porte Solo, Vrsar i Kroatien
Motorhomes are parked right on the beach at Porto Sole.

Naturist campsite in Vrsar

Right next to camping Porto Sole is the naturist campsite Koversada, which is run by the same owner. This campsite has 1300 pitches spread out in a beautiful natural environment. The owner showed us around by car (it's just too big to walk!) and what we especially liked was the very own island (!) that the campsite has.

Glamping on your own island

The island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge, and when you come out here, you really experience nature and tranquillity. You can't take a campervan here, it's all about tents or glamping, and if you want you can visit the small restaurant, which of course has a sea view.

Glamping på camping Koversada, Vrsar i Kroatien
Glamping at camping Koversada

Inside the restaurant, you can follow the history of the campsite in old photos, and it feels like another time (or another planet) when you see the beauty queens posing naked with red ribbons for the annual "Miss Koversada" event in the roaring 70s. Today, the average age of naturist campers is much higher, although naturist camping is still very popular in Croatia.

En ö utanför en naturistcamping Koversada, Vrsar i Kroatien
Camping Koversada's very own island

See more around Vrsar in Croatia

There is a lot to see and experience in Croatia! Here are suggestions for some great places, not too far from Vrsar:

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  • Rovinj - Charming medieval town in Istria
  • Hum - The world's smallest city
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Facts about Vrsar in Croatia

  • What country? Croatia
  • County? County of Istria
  • Language? Croatian (many also speak English)
  • Residents? 2100 (2015)
  • Currency? Kuna (HRK)
  • Price point? Cheaper than Sweden
  • Time difference? None

Travelling to Vrsar in Croatia

  • Car: Driving from Zagreb to Vrsar takes about 3 hours (toll road). To drive from Opatija to Vrsar takes about 1 h 15 min. Travelling time from Pula is just under an hour.
  • Bus: You can travel by bus from many different places in Croatia.

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