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Towards a party weekend (about renting a house in Amsterdam)

Last Thursday evening we went to Arlanda and met up with the group we're spending the weekend with in Amsterdam. We started with a really good evening: a beer at Arlanda and then, after a short flight, a taxi to the super nice house we rented and dinner on an outdoor terrace in the warm Amsterdam air.


Travelling as a team

There are nine of us on this trip! Apart from Peter and me, it's Peter's son Robin and his wife Alexandra, Peter's niece Dessi and her husband Lasse, Peter's nephew Sebbe and his girlfriend Moa and Robin's friend Robin.

So we will see the musician and DJs Armin van Buurens big anniversary concertand as someone may remember, we got these tickets as a Christmas present from Robin and Alexandra. Fun that they want us "oldies" on this trip haha, right?

Rent a house in Amsterdam

Dessi's husband Lasse happens to be from the Netherlands. He has arranged to rent a house for all of us, via the brokerage site Airbnb. He also went down a little before the rest of us and welcomed us when we got there. And what a house! Really above expectations!

The house is really nicely decorated and each couple has their own bedroom. In addition, clean sheets in all beds, own towels in all rooms, maps and flowers. This is the first time we rent via Airbnb, and it feels great. This particular house will not be available for rent, however, because the owners have recently sold it.

Hyra hus i Amsterdam
Lasse receives us when we arrive
Hyra hus i Amsterdam
Peter and I have chosen a room at the top, with an in-room sink.

Party in progress

Lasse had several surprises ready when we arrived at the house! First of all, he had made party hats for us, with luminous signs. Are we going to be the coolest at the concert or what? Then we were offered welcome champagne in the garden!

Armin van Buuren hattar
Lasse has made hats for us - with glow-in-the-dark signs!
Peter i hatt
Peter in his new stylish hat, in the house we rented.
Fest Amsterdam
Welcome champagne in the garden

Zaandam in Amsterdam

The house we rented is in Zaandam in the northern part of Amsterdam, a bit outside the city centre. We went out for a really late dinner and wondered if it would even be open, but we needn't have wondered! The outdoor seating was dense, the air was warm and there were lots of people sitting outside. I wonder where you can find that kind of life on a Thursday night in a Stockholm suburb?

Full of outdoor cafes in Zaandam
Middag Zaansdam
Beer and burgers in the warm evening air

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