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Sailing in Scotland (or in Sweden with your child)

Do you remember sailing on the school ship Gratia last spring? It was a very special experience! We signed on as crew and sailed around the Stockholm archipelago for a long weekend, hoisting and salvaging sails, choking and pumping bilges. And of course we enjoyed the sun, adventure and fellowship!


Now we have learnt that the Swedish Cruise Club Sailing School Foundation is offering a really cool opportunity to sail in Scotland. Another interesting news is that you can sail in Sweden, together with your child.

with school ships in the Stockholm archipelago

It was in May last year that we embarked on that special experience in the Stockholm archipelago. We took the shuttle to Nynäshamn, and there was the sailing ship Gratia and waited for us to sign on.. What a feeling! The ship Gratia is over 100 years old and carries 18 students and seven officers. All eight sails are hoisted and hauled by hand, just like in the old days.

We spent several days on board the Gratia and they were quite tough days, with physical labour, wind in the face and many new difficult words. At the same time, it was an extraordinary experience. What fellowship we had with the other crew members on board! And what a feeling when you got wind in your sails, or when you enjoyed the sun or the chef's well-prepared food on board. Not to mention the feeling slipping into Stockholm after a few days in the archipelago.

Gratia besättning
Segling mot Stockholm

Sailing in Scotland

Swedish Cruiser Club Sailing School Foundation recently contacted me to tell me that they are organising an adventure sailing trip in Scotland this spring with their ship Atlantica. The voyage runs from Troon to Aberdeen, 23 July to 5 August. Not only do you get to experience wild nature, but also whales, dolphins, seals and lots of birds. And you'll also have time to visit nice harbours and distilleries... Would we like to go sailing in Scotland? Yes, we would! Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity, but maybe it is something for you?

If you're wondering who sailing is for, here's what they say: "Adult sailing on board our ships means great fun, a wonderful atmosphere, good food and happy socialising. An opportunity to get away from everyday life and get a sailing experience out of the ordinary. No prior knowledge of sailing is required. You should be able to swim 200 metres."

Gratia segel
Kartläsning segelbåt

Family sailing 2018

Another new feature of the sailing school is family sailing. Family sailing is a chance for adults and children to sail together. The sailing trips go either from Stockholm to Stockholm (25-27/5) or from Gothenburg to Gothenburg (1-3/6). The price, SEK 3800, is for one adult and one child and includes accommodation on the boat, all meals and course materials.

Stiftelsen Svenska Kryssarklubbens Seglarskola also offers many other sailing courses, both for young people and adults. The sailing school has three ships that are all in good condition, despite their long history. The reason is all these volunteer (!) enthusiasts who take care of the boats all year round. And no, this post is definitely not sponsored. We just think that the sailing school members do a great job and organise really cool trips!

Elin Gratia

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