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Proto discovery workshop - experience centre in Tallinn

Proto Discovery Workshop is an experience centre in Tallinn where you can discover and experience early technological developments such as submarines, steam locomotives and hot air balloons. With the help of virtual reality glasses, you can make fantastic journeys into the world of imagination.


Proto discovery workshop

Proto Discovery Workshop, or Proto Avastustehas in Estonian, is a science and experience centre in Tallinn. Opened on 19 October 2019, Proto is almost completely new.

It is located in Noblessner Harbour in the Põhja-Tallinn district, not far from Kalamaja Park. The large premises used to house the Noblessner foundry, but after decades of being empty, the site has now been revitalised.

Proto upptäckarverkstad

At Proto, you can experience some 30 of the most important technological discoveries from the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, either through virtual reality (VR) or by actively "trying it out".

The environment is really cool and it immediately feels like stepping into a "fairytale world". Those who are competitive can choose to register their e-mail address and have their results documented. Otherwise, just get on and start the adventure!

Proto upptäckarverkstad - ett upplevelsecentrum i Tallinn

Active taster activities

There are all sorts of activities and things to do at the Proto Discovery Workshop. For example, there are model trains that you can start by cranking, a cyclodrome where you can compete to be the first to finish, air cannons that you use to keep balls in the air, and all sorts of other things.


Virtual Reality experiences

The most striking thing about the Proto Discovery Workshop is all the Virtual Reality experiences. We started by testing the 'self-driving carriage'. Think back to the time when the horse and carriage was the normal means of transport, and how shocked people were when inventor Gustave Trouvé presented an electric tricycle at an international exhibition in Paris in 1881.

Now you can pretend to be an inventor who has developed a new self-driving car. One person sits at the back and regulates the speed and one sits at the front and steers ... help, this flying (!) vehicle is going nowhere!

Peter och Helena på Proto upptäckarverkstad

We also spent a lot of time on the big 'submarine'. The world below the surface is still partially unexplored and, with the help of imagination, you can go on an adventure with Jules Verne to the lost city of Atlantis. Peter got totally lost in another world, while trying to save the submarine and shoot down the mysterious opponents outside.

Ubåt på Proto upptäckarverkstad
Ubåt på upplevelsecentrum i Tallinn
Peter på Upplevelsecentrum i Tallinn

There are also plenty of other VR experiences at this Tallinn experience centre. Flying a hot air balloon, for example, was great fun, and Peter also tested 'steam-powered' racing cars. There are also flying bikes, a flying machine, a steam locomotive and an underground vehicle.

Peter på Proto upptäckarverkstad

Café at the Proto discovery workshop

Proto also has a café where you can take a break to rest and refuel. You may need it, because even though the VR experiences are really fun, you almost get a little dizzy.

We highly recommend a visit to the Proto discovery workshop, for anyone travelling with children or young people, or who are a bit youthful themselves.

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Facts about the Proto Discovery Workshop

  • Address: Peetri 10, 10415 Tallinn
  • Location: In the Noblessner district, at Port Noblessner, just north of the centre of Tallinn.
  • More info: You can find more information on Protos website.

Opening hours

  • Regular opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 11:00-18:00 and Friday - Saturday 10:00-19:00 (2020)
  • Different opening hours: Opening hours may differ on public holidays, such as Christmas and New Year. See the Proto website for current information.


All prices below were taken from the Proto website in February 2020. Please note that prices are subject to change. Prices include all VR experiences, except the "Protoroller exhibit".

  • Full price ticket: 12 euros (for adults and children aged 6 and over)
  • Discounted price: 8 (pensioners and people with documented severe disabilities)
  • Children under 6 years old: Free entry
  • Family ticket: 20 euros (2 adults and their minor children)
  • 6-way ticket: 40 euros (includes 6 visits in one year)
  • Guided tours for groups: 54 euros

Service and accessibility

  • Accessibility: The venue is wheelchair accessible. The assistant for people with special needs enters free of charge.
  • Food service: The PROTO Invention Factory Café is open when the discovery workshop is open.
  • Children's birthday parties: Children's parties can be organised. See more on the website.

Find to proto

  • Car: Take the road Kalaranna tee towards the district Noblessner.
  • Bicycle: The Proto can also be reached by bike.
  • Tramway: Trams 1 and 2 go to "Volta" station, about a 10-minute walk from Proto.
  • Bus: Bus number 73 goes to districts Noblessner. Get off at "Noblessneri". An alternative is to take bus number 3 to bus stop "Kungla" or "Volta".
  • Taxi: Taxis from the city centre cost around €5 (2020).

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