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Cruise Stockholm - Tallinn with Victoria I

We have been on a cruise Stockholm - Tallinn with Victoria I from Tallink Silja Line. So, what did we think? A nice cruise to a nice destination! Here are our tips and thoughts on the cruise.


We travelled to Tallinn together with the Estonian Tourist Board and a small group of journalists and tour operators. The company Tallink, which also owns Silja Line, initially invited us to a short presentation, which was interesting. We learnt a few things about Tallink Silja that we found interesting:

  • Tallink employs 7000 people
  • In 2019, they carried 9.8 million passengers - equivalent to almost the entire population of Sweden.
  • Tallink works not only with ferry services, but also with hotels, taxis, restaurants and Burger King, for example.
  • A lot of loyal members of Club One (Tallink's bonus membership) come from Asia.
Kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn med Victoria

Our cabin on Victoria 1

We stayed in an A-cabin on deck 8. These cabins are quite ordinary, but still relatively nice because you have a sea view. There are two beds (the couch Peter sits on is converted into a bed), bathroom and good opportunities to charge technical gadgets and hang up clothes.

Hytt på Victoria I, Kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn

Restaurant Grill House

While travelling to In Tallinn we ate in the Grill House restaurant. We like this restaurant. It is not overly fancy, but it is good food. We started with a "Teriyaki salmon carpaccio". Super good!

Grill förrätt på kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn

The main course was a hearty piece of meat with potato gratin and lightly cooked vegetables. Yummy!

Grill huvudrätt på Victoria I

Then we finished the meal with coffee, cognac and small chocolate truffles together with fresh berries. An absolutely perfect ending!

Grill efterrätt, kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn

Special breakfast at the Grill House

The following morning we had a "special breakfast" at the Grill House. This is the slightly more luxurious breakfast option offered on board the Victoria I and we can really recommend this breakfast.

This breakfast option is slightly more expensive, but it's definitely worth it. The food is really good quality - creamy Skagenröra, fantastic cheeses and foie gras to die for. There's also bubbly included and you can order eggs as you wish for the table. The best part is that it's quiet and peaceful. There's no hustle and bustle here!

Grill frukost på Victoria I

Visit to Tallinn

If you go on a regular cruise Stockholm - Tallinn you have seven hours in the city. Tallinn is a nice city that we like very much. This time we visited the travel fair Tourest 2020 and the relatively new experience centre Proto. We also have tips from previous visits to Tallinn, read more here:

En dag i Tallinn

Grande Buffet Restaurant

When it was time to travel home from Tallinn, it was instead dinner in Grande Buffet, the large buffet restaurant. Here it is quantity that counts and there is plenty to choose from.

We focused almost entirely on the salmon and shrimp table, which is always good! There's absolutely nothing wrong with this buffet, but it is of course more loud and not the same relaxed atmosphere we had at the Grill House.

Grande Buffet på Victoria I

Breakfast in the buffet restaurant

We continued to try the Grande Buffet the next morning, so we had breakfast there. Everything tasted good and we were satisfied, but of course it is not the same experience as the "special breakfast".

Frukost på kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn

What did we think of cruising Stockholm - Tallinn with Victoria I?

We like Tallinn very much as a city, and therefore it will of course be nice to cruise Stockholm - Tallinn. There will of course be many hours on board, but it is quite nice to pass the time there without stress.

This time we were extra lucky and were joined by a really nice and friendly group. But, even if you are not travelling with new friends, you can quite easily spend a few relaxing hours in a nice restaurant or bar. Of course, it can also be an option to travel to Tallinn and stay there for several days - there is a lot to see and experience.

What do you think, have you travelled on a Stockholm - Tallinn cruise? Have you perhaps travelled with Victoria I?

Peter på Victoria I, kryssning Stockholm - Tallinn
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Cruise Stockholm - Tallinn

  • Ships: Victoria I and the Baltic Queen
  • Harbours: Värtahamnen in Stockholm and the D terminal in Tallinn, within easy reach of the centre of Tallinn.
  • Times: Daily departures at 17:30 from Stockholm.
  • Cruise: On a 40-hour cruise you have 7 hours in Tallinn.

Facts about Victoria 1

  • Route: Stockholm - Tallinn
  • Year of construction: 2004
  • Length: 192.9 metres
  • Width: 29 metres
  • Speed: 21 button
  • Tyres: 12
  • Cabins: 740
  • Number of beds: 2246


  • Suite (30 sqm) with sea view, located on deck 8 and 9.
  • Deluxe cabin (11-14 sqm) with sea view, located on decks 8 and 9.
  • A premium cabin (9 sqm) with sea view, located on deck 8 and 9.
  • A-cabin (9 sqm) with sea view, located on decks 5, 8 and 9.
  • B-cabin (8 square metres), located on decks 5, 8 and 9.
  • E-Cabin (9 square metres), located on decks 5 and 8. Interference may occur due to the location of the cabin.

Restaurants and cafés

  • Grill House serves meat and fish dishes. It also serves a more luxurious speciality breakfast.
  • Gourmet Victoria is the ship's most exclusive restaurant, offering culinary flavours and carefully selected wines.
  • Large buffet sets up a large buffet with lots of dishes. A large buffet breakfast is served in the morning.
  • Fast Food 24H is a fast food restaurant serving salads, pizzas, wraps and sandwiches.
  • Coffee & Co is a café offering coffee, drinks, pastries and light meals.

Night clubs and bars

  • Starlight is the ship's dance and show venue with a bar offering a wide variety of drinks.
  • Aluminium Disco & Sport bar offers a nightclub and drinks menu.
  • Aperitif bar is an elegant little bar next to the luxurious Gourmet Victoria restaurant.
  • Sea Pub is a pub with a drinks menu and also a beer tasting menu.


  • Perfume & Fashion sells beauty products, fashion and accessories.
  • Tax Free Shop sells drinks, sweets and tobacco.

Services and activities

  • Information disc on deck 6 is open 24 hours a day.
  • For children there is a playroom, newly renovated in 2019.
  • Relaxing and bathing There is a relaxation area with a sauna, jacuzzi and pool bar. Hera Salongid offers various treatments.
  • Artists and shows is offered continuously. See the Tallinksilja website for the current programme.

Good to know

  • Pre-orders can be made for the cabin, such as champagne or chocolate.
  • Internet is available on board in the form of WiFi (how well it works may vary at sea).
  • Payment can be made with Swedish kronor, euros or credit cards. Currency can be exchanged on board, but cash cannot be withdrawn.
  • Wheelchair can be borrowed on board against a deposit. Limited numbers are available.
  • Domestic animals may rest on deck 6 (left side).

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