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Living, working and travelling in five major Swedish cities


Guest post by Titti Seehathao, Studentjob


Are you curious about Swedish cities? Would you like to live, work and visit the five largest cities? It is not always easy to choose where to live, start your career and what to do in the cities. After all, you want to live in a pleasant place, have the opportunity to pursue a career and enjoy vital experiences and activities in your own city, don't you!

Sweden's five largest cities - Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Linköping - are similar in many ways. However, they have a place identity that is unique and fulfils everyone's different needs and interests. In this article we have gathered everything you need to know about Swedish cities.

1. Living, working and doing in Stockholm      

Here you will find tips on where to live, work and what to do in Stockholm. So, where to live in Stockholm? If you want to be close to Stockholm's city centre, check out the inner city districts: Gamla Stan, Norrmalm, Södermalm, Östermalm, Vasastaden, Kungsholmen and Djurgården.

Public transport runs every two minutes and you also have several choices between bus, tram, metro, ferry and if you are going further out into the Stockholm area there is Roslagsbana and train. In other parts of Stockholm such as Syd, Nordväst, Nordost and Skärgården, which consist of homes with commuting time to T-centralen, it takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

What are jobs and careers like in Stockholm? There are plenty of jobs in Stockholm, though your career search may have a lot of competition as many people from all over the world flock to the capital. But whether you want to work in elderly care, in a café or in the emerging IT industry, you have a good chance of getting a foot in the door. Start your career with StudentJob view all job vacancies in Stockholm here.

What is there to do in Stockholm? There are plenty of things to do in the capital. The popular areas for visitors are the Old Town, the Royal Palace or why not take a walk along Monteliusvägen where you'll get a great view of the city and its unique architecture. In Stockholm, you can expect spontaneity, multiple choices of pubs, bars, restaurants, where one hour you're having a nice dinner and later into the night the dinner table turns into a dance floor. Find more tips on fun things to do here to do in Stockholm.

Svenska storstäder - Stockholm

2. Living, working and doing in Gothenburg

Finding a home in Gothenburg is not always easy, and if you are planning to move there, it is high time to join the housing queue. If you're lucky, you can get a flat within a few years. Otherwise, there are plenty of second-hand flats or if you are ready to buy your own?

If you want to live in the centre of the action then you should check out the residential areas like Vasastaden, within Vallgraven, Heden, Lorensberg & Stampen and the new development in Rosenlundsplatsen. If you prefer to embrace the quiet life near the coast, check out the Gothenburg archipelago or live in urban Hisingen. In Gothenburg, you can easily get around the city without needing your own car. There are trams, buses, fantastic cycle paths, electric scooters for those who like agility or why not take a walk. The whole city is within walking distance!

Do you want to work and make a career in Gothenburg? Well, then you've come to the right place because in Gothenburg there are plenty of job opportunities in most industries you can think of. Whether you're looking for your first job, changing careers or even starting your own business? In Gothenburg you will find companies large and small, such as Volvo and SKF, which are world leaders in their industry. Kickstart your career with StudentJob see more job vacancies in Gothenburg here.

Beyond trams and Håkan Hellström, Gothenburg offers attractions such as the art museum, Liseberg amusement park or visit the Botanical Garden and experience the rainforest in the centre of the city. Gothenburg offers activities to suit most tastes. Go from shopping on the grand Avenyn to lacing up your boots and heading out into the open air. Or take a trip to the archipelago and feast on shrimp and seafood from the west coast. And all this in Sweden's second largest city! For more tips, read on here for more fun things to do. to do in Gothenburg.

Svenska storstäder - Göteborg

3. Living, working and doing in Malmö

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, but is growing almost as fast as Stockholm. It is also close to Copenhagen, with only half an hour away by commuter train. Living in Malmö offers a geographical advantage as it is the hub between Sweden and continental Europe. Want to live in the centre of the action close to nightlife, restaurants and cafés? Check out the popular neighbourhood of Möllevången. Would you rather live close to parks and green areas? You'll find it in the western part of the city centre. For those who enjoy nature and outdoor life, check out Limhamn, Riseberga and Kvarnby.

What are jobs and careers like in Malmö? There are plenty of job opportunities in Malmö. Due to the city's growth, both national and international companies are attracted to establish themselves here. The most commonly filled positions in 2019 were business services, i.e. legal services, accounting services, PR services, advertising and marketing research and research and development. Then comes health and social care and in 3rd place comes trade. Another advantage is that Malmö is close to Denmark and Lund, so you can also find jobs there. See also job vacancies in Malmö here.

Travelling in Malmö is highly recommended. According to Visitskåne, the official visitor guide, Malmö offers exciting food and culture, cool buildings and a wide range of gastronomic experiences to choose from. It has the most pubs and restaurants per inhabitant in Sweden. Once in Malmö, don't miss the Turning Torso (one of the many cool buildings). There is plenty of amazing food in Malmö but have you experienced what many would consider less amazing? Visit the Disgusting Food Museum and expand your taste buds even further! More tips on fun things to do to do in Malmö can be read here!

4. Living, working and doing in Uppsala

Uppsala is your city if you like living in a big city but with a small-town feel. In Uppsala you can experience the entire history of Sweden. Once upon a time it was the capital of the Swedes. Here you can live in the land of the Vikings and experience one of the oldest cities in Sweden!

Are you planning to move to Uppsala in the near future? Then it's a good idea to join the housing queue now, as it's a popular city for students, families with children and professionals alike. Do you want to buy your own home? Then you should know that housing prices in Uppsala are significantly lower than in Stockholm, and you can quickly commute to both Arlanda and Stockholm in between 30 and 40 minutes. Living in the centre of Uppsala, check out areas in Rosendal, Luthagen and Svartbäcken with cycling and walking distance to the important places, such as science park, the city's 2 universities, academic hospital and close to event venues for social gatherings.

In addition to an exciting history, Uppsala offers a bright future with several career options. It is home to the first university in the Nordic region with famous researchers such as Carl Linnaeus and several alumni who have received 15 Nobel Prizes. Something to look up to! In addition to careers in academia and research, the labour market is generally attractive as Uppsala has a geographical advantage close to both Stockholm and Arlanda. This makes companies want to establish themselves there, and it is also considerably less costly than in Stockholm. Click through to see more job vacancies in Uppsala.

Tourism in Uppsala is enriched with history and sights related to the Viking Age and the flourishing of the Swedish Empire, when Uppsala was the centre of political, economic and religious life for over 1000 years. People flocked here to be enlightened or to enlighten others. Don't miss visiting Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala Castle, Old Uppsala and Carolina Redivia, Sweden's oldest library. In addition, there are plenty of other fun activities to discover such as shopping, visiting museums and Biotopia which is a nature museum. Get more tips on fun things to do here. do in Uppsala and surroundings.

Svenska storstäder - Uppsala

5. Living, working and doing in Linköping

Linköping is said to have a dream geographical location for national and international travel with its proximity to the city airport and the city centre itself. Live in Linköping city centre with proximity to public transport, restaurants, pubs, grocery stores etc. or choose nearby areas such as Vasastaden, Gottfridsberg, Östra Valla, Ekälla, Ramshäll and Hejdegården. All areas have around 10 - 20 minutes cycling distance to the campus.

Working in Linköping? According to the municipality of Linköping, the city has a strong business community with 11,000 active companies, with all kinds of industries in manufacturing, services, trade and the public sector. Well-known companies such as Saab and Ericsson are established there, along with world-leading Linköping companies such as Sectra, IFS and NIRA Dynamics are some examples. Linköping is driven by strong innovation forces where ideas become reality. Start your new career here, see job vacancies in Linköping

Tourism in Linköping is characterised by cosy culinary routes, history and exciting city walks. Visit Berg's locks on the Göta Canal, which are filled with boat-loving travellers, tasty food experiences and fun activities. Are you fascinated by aeroplanes? Don't miss the Air Force Museum with its collection of historic aircraft and try your hand at the JAS 39 Gripen simulator. There you can learn all about the Swedish air defence! There are more fun things to do here to do in Linköping.

We hope you find your future home, career and a holiday destination you can call home! Start your career easily by beginning your application to summer jobs here. Or if you prefer a career abroad? Apply here and start working abroad.

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