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An autumn week of exciting meetings

Wasn't it just Friday? Now it's apparently Friday again, and another week has flown by. We have mostly been at home in the houseboat and have had some exciting meetings. Happy Friday!


Ringsö - and then home in the houseboat

We spent the end of last week on the island of Ringsö, where it was fishing in Lake Mälaren with our friends. The rest of the week we've been at home in the houseboat, only moving away from home for walks and meetings.

Some ups and downs with the newsletter

As you may know, we have set up a new newsletter, which will go out automatically to all subscribers every Sunday. The newsletter has been sent out on three consecutive Sundays, but it has suffered some teething problems.

The letter has gone out every Sunday, but it hasn't always reached everyone... Hang in there! We (or rather our web developer) are doing our best to sort this out!


Great comments of the week

We put a lot of work into and sometimes it feels like we are working around the clock - not only with writing but also with different development projects. Some things also tend to be much more expensive than we originally thought, and sometimes you question whether you're doing the right thing.

Then a few nice emails or positive comments on Facebook come in. And suddenly it feels like so fun again. THANK YOU for taking the time to write! It really warms your heart, you know! Here are some of this week's comments:

You have so much fun and interesting reading and tips, thank you!

I think it is so cosy to read about your trips. Have gone to many of your tips with the cosy car.

Interesting meetings

This week we have had some meetings. Firstly, we have had a meeting with a representative of a destination, and talked about a super exciting motorhome trip that we perhaps will do this spring. Nothing is finalised yet, but as soon as it is, we will tell you!

I (Helena) have also had a meeting with two of my old colleagues, with whom I used to work as a consultant. public health scientists. In the next two weeks, we are going to hold a distance learning course together, for future health course leaders in daily activities. It will be great to do this together with my old colleagues again!

Best this week

Every week we try to highlight something positive to help us better appreciate all the good things that happen - whether big or small. This week we are happy about the interesting meetings we had. If the motorhome trip we're planning happens, it will be really exciting!

Your turn, what has been positive during your week?

The week ahead

In the coming week, we'll be setting up the motorhome for winter storage, I (Helena) will be working with my old colleagues and it's also time for the "Travel News Market" trade fair. We will of course report from the fair, and as usual there will be a mix of other articles with a travel focus.

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