At the fair and folk festival "Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023", we, FREEDOMtravel, will award "Destination of the Year 2023" - a national award and an international award. The award ceremony takes place on the stage at Destinationstorget, Thursday 7/9 at 16:00 and Saturday 9/9 at 15:30.


Destination of the Year Award

In the motorhome and camping world, awards have traditionally been given to campsites and pitches. For motorhome travellers, however, it's not just the place to stay that matters. It's just as important to find nice areas to travel around that offer great experiences and interesting sights. This is why we, the digital travel magazine FREEDOMtravel, have established the "Destination of the Year" award.

Since 2009 we, Peter and Helena Bergström, have spent many months of the year travelling in our motorhome. The "Destination of the Year" award is given to the destination that FREEDOMtravel has most appreciated travelling by motorhome during the previous year. The term "destination" refers to a town, region or other geographical area. The criteria for the award are:

  • Good range of pitches and/or campsites
  • You feel welcome with a campervan
  • Unique experiences and attractions
  • Preferably a destination that can be visited throughout much of the year.

The "Destination of the Year" award was established in 2022 and the first prizet was jointly distributed to Kingdom of glass and Kosta in Småland.

"Destination of the Year" 2023

In 2023, the award has evolved to include two award categories: "Destination Sweden of the Year" and "Destination Europe of the Year". The awards are presented on stage at the Destination Square in Hall F/the big tent, at the following times:

  • Thursday 7 September at 16:00: Destination Sweden of the Year
  • Saturday 9/9 at 15:30: European Destination of the Year

You are welcome to find out who wins this year's prize!

Immediately after the prize-giving ceremony, participants in the fair who have taken part in various raffles will be awarded prizes in the Destination Square.

Årets Destination

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