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Campsites and pitches in Sicily

Here we present campsites and pitches in Sicily - everything from lovely pitches near the sea to campsites in a golden position on the beach, close to interesting sights. We also offer personalised tips on things to see and do in the surrounding area, while you're on the road. We are travelling from north to south and fasten your seatbelts because we're leaving!

Why camp in Sicily?

Many campsites in Sicily are located close to nature and the sea, making for a great holiday. There is also a relatively large number of pitches, not least for visiting various cities of interest. Sicily has many exciting cities, such as Palermo, Syracuse, Noto and Taormina. You'll also find plenty of historical attractions, great beaches and good food.

Campsites and pitches in Sicily - from north to south

Italien, Sicilien, San Vito lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo - Camping La Pineta

  • DescriptionLarge campsite with two swimming pools and walking distance to the centre. If you don't want to stay at the campsite, there is a car park for motorhomes right next door (€8/day).
  • Service: Service house, two swimming pools, pizzeria and bar with free WiFi (not working when we were there).
  • Price: 36 €/day incl. electricity in July 2015, in low season 16 €/day with ACSI discount.
  • Find here: Drive to San Vito Lo Capo and follow the signs to the campsite.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Beaches and nature. If you are travelling further south-west, you can also visit the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Trapani.
Camping på Giardini Naxos

Giardini Naxos, Taormina -. Aurora Parking

  • Description: Narrow gravel pitch in Giardini Naxos, close to the beach and bus to Taormina.
  • Service: Ability to fill and empty tanks, water, toilet, shower, electricity and washing machine. WiFi should be available but was not working well when we were there.
  • Price: 20 €/day in the high season 2015.
  • Find here: Vale Dionisio, Giardini Naxos.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Don't miss the charming city Taormina, located at high altitude, with Roman theatre and other historical sights.
San Giorgio Sicilien

Sciacca - Area la Playa San Giorgio

  • Description: Camping site among trees, right next to a nice beach (not to visit Sciacca).
  • Service: Possibility to fill and empty tanks, water, toilet, shower and electricity.
  • Price: 18 euros/day without electricity and 3 euros/day with electricity in July 2015.
  • Find here: San Giorgio 153. Drive along the small roads closest to the coast, signposted at the entrance.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood:Agrigento there are interesting ancient temples.

Syracuse - Parcheggio of Platen

  • Description: Large site with grass pitches under trees and on tarmac. A bus to the centre of Syracuse runs right next to the site.
  • Service: Possibility to fill and empty tanks, water, toilet, shower and electricity.
  • Price: 22 euros/day incl. electricity in the high season 2015.
  • Find here: Via Augusto von Platen 38.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Surakusa with the old neighbourhood of Origio.

Noto - Noto Parking

  • Description: Nice pitch between lemon trees. Staff provide a minibus service to and from Noto at no extra cost.
  • Service: Possibility to fill and empty tanks, water, toilet, shower, electricity and WiFi included in the price.
  • Price: 16 euros/day excl. electricity in high season 2015.
  • Find here: Located in the area of Faldino.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: The town of Noto with historic buildings.

Marina di Ragusa - Parking space in the car park

  • DescriptionOne of the best pitches in Sicily! Place on asphalt parking, within walking distance to the centre and the beach.
  • Service: Possibility to fill and empty tanks, water, possibility to wash dishes and hands, outdoor shower.
  • Price: Free (there is a box for voluntary contributions).
  • Find here: Drive to Marina di Ragusa. Clear signs point to the car park on Via Cervia.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Sun and swimming.

Pozzallo - Salvamar Camper Sosta

  • Description: Personalised pitch on large grassy plot right on the beach, with very service-minded and friendly owner.
  • Service: Possibility to fill and empty tanks, water, dishwashing and hand washing facilities, outdoor shower, electricity and WiFi included in the price.
  • Price: 20 €/day in high season (15 €/day if you stay several nights and 9 €/day if you stay longer in winter season) in 2015.
  • Find here: Drive towards Pozzallo, the site is just west of the harbour, right on the coast.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Sun and swimming.

Helena Bergström in Sicily, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

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Info and facts about Sicily

  • Capital cityPalermo
  • Language: Italian and Sicilian
  • Residents: 5 million (2015)
  • Currency: Euro
  • Price mode: Slightly cheaper than in Sweden
  • Religion: Christianity (mostly Catholicism)
  • Flag: The flag of Sicily consists of a triskele (tripod).
    with a Medusa head over a red and yellow field.

Roads and driving in Sicily

  • Roads: The standard of roads in Sicily varies. In some parts the quality is ok, but in other parts the roads are largely 'patched and repaired'.
  • Environmental zones:  The sign 'Zona Traffico Limitato' (red ring on a white background) is sometimes seen in cities to show that only authorised cars are allowed to drive here. Keep an eye out for these signs, because if you drive here you risk being fined.
  • Per mille limit: 0,5
  • Traffic rules: Talking on a handheld phone and sending text messages while driving is prohibited. If you have several dogs or other pets, they must be restrained, in a cage or behind a net. If you only have one animal, you don't need to worry about this.
  • Words in traffic: "Parcheggio" means parking. "Rallentare" means to slow down.
  • Fuel: Diesel is called gasolio in Italian. Be aware that petrol stations may be closed on Sundays.
  • Parking rules: Parking spaces with blue lines on the ground are paid for and parking spaces with white lines are free (parking discs may be required). Parking spaces with yellow lines are reserved. 
  • Security: Make sure you have Roadside Assistance, so that you can get help on the spot in case of an accident. The emergency number for the country's emergency services is 112.

Rules on camping and pitches in Sicily

  • There are plenty of campsites and car parks around Sicily. 
  • Free camping is allowed on private land with the permission of the landowner and often in public places, with the exception of national parks. Overnight stays in a motorhome parked on a road, street or car park are allowed. 

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  1. Håkan Jonsson says:

    We are considering winterising our car in Sicily, i.e. leaving the island in mid-December and coming back in early February. Do you have any suggestions for winter parking or anything else?
    /Håkan Jonsson

  2. admin says:

    Håkan Jonsson, thank you for writing a comment here! Unfortunately I don't know where you can park your motorhome for the winter. I wouldn't think it's a problem to find a place though, if you ask around.

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