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Morelo Empire - both large and luxurious

German motorhome brand Morelo has been selling its luxury models Palace, Home and Loft for a few years in Sweden. Now they are taking luxury one step further. At Elmia Husvagn Husbil you can see the latest magnificent model: Morelo Empire. For those who want both large and luxurious.


Large ...

Morelo is the brand for those who want a large motorhome. Morelo's largest motorhomes measure around 11 metres and that can be amazing - or impractical - depending on how you look at it. This may not be a motorhome for narrow alleys, but it's definitely a motorhome where you can feel at home like in any villa.

And if you parked at a campsite and forgot to buy milk, you don't have to worry about the size of your motorhome. No, just roll out the little car you have in the garage!

Morelo garage
It's good to have a slightly smaller car when shopping for milk ...

... and luxurious

There was no shortage of luxury in Morelo's previous Palace, Home and Loft models. But now the luxury has been taken one step further. Stylish woods, high-gloss doors, recessed lighting and, of course, a fresh and inviting kitchen. What do you have to spend? Around 4.6 million, varying slightly depending on the options you choose. Not for us as we like to drive in narrow alleys, but maybe something for you?

Queenbed i Morelo Empire
Queen bed in Morelo Empire
Morelo kök
The kitchen in Morelo Empire

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