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Moving chaos, cat hunting and crazy long working hours

There will surely be a day when we can laugh about these crazy days. Right now we're mostly exhausted, but we just have to grit our teeth and get it done somehow. In the end, everything will be fine. Happy Friday!


Lending the motorhome

We don't usually lend the motorhome, but last weekend we made an exception and lent it to Peter's brother when he and his (adult) children went fishing. Wow, how much there is to explain when someone borrows your motorhome! And what a strange feeling to wave goodbye to when Freedom rolled out of the car park!

Most things worked fine and they enjoyed the campervan life! Unfortunately, the fridge suddenly stopped working on LPG, which made life a bit difficult. We don't know why, but this problem persists. Not good! The fridge works (reasonably well) on electricity, but not at all on LPG. Any tips?

Celebrating a birthday

What would we do without a motorhome? Well, Peter's eldest son Robin had a birthday and decided to have dinner out with his mum and sister. We surprised him by showing up after dinner and then we went together for a drink in the lounge at Hotel Nobis. Nice!

Helping to move

At the beginning of the week it was then to go with the camper van to help Peter's mum to move. Sometime in the future we will surely laugh about this. How can you be such a time optimist that you think that 2.5 men (I was working full time at the time) will be able to clean and move a large villa (where two collectors have lived for decades) and then unpack and assemble everything in the new home, in three days? We will need to sleep for a week after this (but of course it won't be like that).

By the way, are you wondering about the cat hunt heading? Well, at the end, when we were going to drive the (almost) last moving lorry, we were going to try to get the cats in as well. Do you think the cats were keen on that? No, not really. One we managed to catch and lock in a cat cage and she protested all the way in the motorhome. The other cat we couldn't take with us (only the scratches from it). We'll have to try again today.

Best this week

Best this week? Phew, I'm so tired I don't know. That we (maybe soon?) managed to complete this move? As I write this text there is still chaos in Peter's mum's new flat and we haven't collected everything (not the cat for example!) from the house. At the same time, we are running out of time (i.e. the mover is coming, the trailer has to be returned and we have other commitments) so we don't dare to say hello yet. But we hope for the best! Happy Friday!

The week ahead

The plan is that after this we will go on to Peter's brother and help him with a house construction that is in a hurry. Phew! When I get time, I will also take the opportunity to tell you a little more about some more nice cities we visited in Poland and the Czech Republic, namely Wroclaw, Ostrava and Łódź. I look forward to that!

What has been the best part of your week, and what are your plans?

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