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Helping with the move - Move number 2 this autumn

Now it was time to help with the move again! A few months ago, we helped Peter's mum move from a house to an apartment. Now we have helped my (Helena's) mum move from house to apartment. A lot of work, but also positive surprises!


Helping to move - an autumn of moves

This has certainly been an autumn of moving! Earlier in the autumn we took the camper van with us. to help Peter's mum to move. Afterwards, we summarised some reflections from the chaos of moving. One of the biggest problems then was that we only got one of Peter's mum's cats, which she was sad about. A happy news now is that also cat number 2 has found a home!

Move number 2

Now it was time for my (Helena's) mum to move. She had arranged a new apartment and a moving company herself and she had also cleaned a lot, so that part was arranged. However, we promised to help pack everything into boxes, which we did at the weekend. We took our time, and packed for three days.

Att hjälpa till med flytt och ta lunchpaus
Lunch in Täby centre during moving days - good distance between tables!

Helping with moving - unpacking

In fact, my brother has promised to help out a bit with unpacking and installing lights and such. However, this week one of his sons fell ill, probably with Covid-19, so of course he can't see his 80-year-old mum. Therefore, we also helped yesterday.

We were really happy with the movers, who moved everything and put most of it in the right place. Still, there was a lot to do and we spent many hours unpacking food, kitchen equipment, clothes, bedding, cleaning and hygiene items, etc. The huge number of books, however, will have to wait for another day ...

Att hjälpa till med flytt och packa upp kartonger

Positive surprises in the new home!

My mum has moved into a newly built senior apartment, and we were met with some positive surprises. When we arrived, there was a big red bow around the front door. Inside the apartment, they had also facilitated the move in several ways.

There were light bulbs in the ceiling that could be switched on immediately. There was a bottle of minarel water in the fridge. In the bathroom there was soap and a towel. And, last but not least, in the kitchen there was a small welcome pack with things like washing-up liquid, screws, hooks and a ruler. Small things that actually make things easier and happier!

Handduk och tvål
Att hjälpa till med flytt - och mötas av ett välkomstpaket

We hope the new apartment and neighbourhood will be great! Have you been involved in helping with a move in a similar way?

By the way, did you notice that our blog was down yesterday? We had technical problems and the blog was down all morning, which meant that our post about our new eating habits was only published later in the day.

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