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New layout, multiple languages and cooperation with motorhome magazine

Now things are happening at FREEDOMtravel! We are working on a new layout, we have received translations in several languages and we have started a collaboration with the motorhome magazine "Allt om husbilen". Happy Friday!


New layout on

This week saw a lot of new updates to the WordPress programme (which we use at In fact, we thought it was super busybecause there were a lot of things that stopped working as usual.

We really pulled our hair out trying to make things look ok again, but in the process we discovered some new things we could do. Now we've been able to collate our articles, on our country pages, a little more neatly with three articles in width. For example, you can check out what it looks like at our page on Germany. What do you think?

Now we will try to do the same with our landscape pages. It will take some time, but eventually ...!

Translation into several languages

Another thing we talked about a very long time is to provide translation, in multiple languages. We've finally addressed this and now you'll find the option to select different languages at the bottom of the screen when you check in.

To make it work as well as possible, we have opted for a paid version. The translation is automatic, but we can make corrections. For example, when I saw that 'crayfish slice' was translated as 'crayfish slice', I was able to change it to 'crayfish party'.

Now, we don't know all the languages, and we don't have time to correct everything, but it is at least technically possible when we see serious errors. (Unfortunately the sponsorship tags look weird, we haven't managed to fix that yet).

Co-operation with the motorhome magazine "Allt om husbilen"

We have also started a new collaboration with the motorhome magazine "Allt om husbilen", which is very exciting! On "All about the motorhome" you will find lots of useful and interesting information about motorhomes, motorhome models and everything else related to motorhome life.

Stefan Janeld and his colleagues, who run the magazine, include a huge library of motorhome tests and run the popular 'Motorhome School' at trade fairs.

Now we've started working with them so that you can also find many of our articles on destinations suitable for motorhome travel on their site. So far you can find "Swedish pearls", but in time other countries may come too.

The advantage for "Allt om husbilen" is that they get more content, in the form of interesting articles, on their site. The advantage for us is that we can get more traffic through them. Co-operation at its best!

Some socialising too

Now that we have been home, we have had time for some socialising too. In addition to meeting the neighbours, we have been invited to Peter's oldest son Robin and his wife Alexandra. Wow, what a dinner we were invited to! It was nice too! Thank you most humbly!

Best this week

This week we have mostly been at home in the houseboat and worked. We are happy that we have started some work that we have been thinking about for a long time. And we can be happy that it is still sunny and summer weather!

Your turn ... what has been the best part of your week?

The week ahead

It will still be Stockholm and houseboat life for us in the coming week. We have no clear plans, except that there is a lot of work to be done, including preparations for the Elmia fair. What will be published here on We'll see ...

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