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Waiting for a boat trip - work, billiards and excursions

It's fast approaching - the big adventure when we go boating with the Filipino boat Dotche. In the meantime, we work, play billiards and go on various exciting excursions.


Waiting for a boat trip

If you are following our journey in the Philippines, you know that we are preparing for a boat trip. The plan is to make a long journey, including around the island of Cebu and between different smaller islands, with the Philippine boat Dotche. We will be travelling with our friends Micke and Julia, as well as Captain Hildo, his son Hildem and son-in-law Aldrin.

Not only are we excited about the trip, but also the Filipino family, who have never done anything like this before. Many things are getting ready for departure, but we are still waiting for the last details on the boat and for the weather to stabilise.

Micke and Julia help fix a sign for Hildem's company "Malapascua Budget Tour".
Captain Hildo on board the Dotche II a few days ago

"At home" in Malapascua

Even if we're waiting to go on a boat trip, we'll be fine. Malapascua is a fantastic island, and we are having a great time with sun and swimming, restaurant visits and relaxed evenings with our feet in the sand.

We have had time to test fishing in the Philippines and we have also made a shopping trip to the city of Bogo on the larger island of Cebu.

We also work quite a lot, usually sitting at our accommodation at Hiltey's Hideout. There are articles to be written, films to be edited and collaborations to be taken care of. Every day the inbox is full of emails to be reviewed and sometimes there are video meetings to be done. In addition, I (Helena) write articles on behalf of the company MyCamper. And we have additional projects that we will tell you more about at a later date ...

Billiards and an old-fashioned haircut

Some evenings we have played billiards and we have actually tried no less than three (!) different billiard places here on the island.

As you can see in these latest photos, Peter has his old hairstyle back, without the dreads. Although the girl who made the dreads did a very good job, Peter never felt that he could get the hairstyle to look the way he wanted. In the end, he decided to remove the dreads and get his "old self" back. Sometimes you just have to try.

By the way, is he sitting there in the pool hall having an exciting drink? No, not at all. It's an ordinary beer. In the Philippines, beer is usually served straight from the bottle, without a glass. Sometimes they only have one-litre bottles left in the fridge, and you still want to ask for glasses so you can share. And then you simply take the glasses that happen to be available ...

After rain comes ... sunshine

What about the weather becoming "more stable", how is that going? Well, we're heading into summer, which means that the worst wind and rain storms will soon be over, as we understand it. So far it has sometimes rained heavily. A few times we have had to "escape" into the nearest shop.

One day we were "stuck" in the hotel all day because the rain was pouring down. When it was time for dinner, we had to balance on the sides of the road to get to the nearest restaurant, without wading in deep muddy water ... But, most days the weather is still nice, and it feels like it's getting better and better!

Best this week

The best part of this week is that we have had several wonderful excursions. We have fished and gone to Bogo and also snorkelled, which we will tell you about soon. In addition, the shopping in Bogo means that we have most things to get away on the boat trip. Oh, and one more thing, the new engine is in the boat Dotche now. Soon we can get away!

Your turn ... what has been the best part of your week? Big or small?

Beautiful colour in the waters around Malapascua Island

The week ahead

During the coming week we are approaching our departure with Dotche. Here at you will be able to read about snorkelling and about restaurants and food here on Malapascua.

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