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Beautiful dresses, rainy weather and ready for a boat trip?


We have spent another week in beautiful Malapascua in the Philippines. This week we have been to a school event with fantastic dresses, and we are getting ready for a boat trip!


School event on Malapascua - Prince and Princess of Hearts

Through the Filipino family we have come to know here at the Malapascua one day we were invited to a school event at the basketball court, that is, the same place where it was Sinulog festival a few weeks ago.

Now it was time for the "Prince and Princess of Hearts". If we understand correctly, this is an annual event to raise money for the school. The children (and their parents) collect money, and the children who have contributed the most to the school are named the Prince and Princess of Hearts.

At the event, the "winners" are crowned on stage, while another 20 or so boys and girls who contributed to the fundraiser get to show off their beautiful clothes.

The children walked in two by two while they, and their parents, were introduced by a speaker on stage. Gilsam's daughter Alleah was one of the 'twos' and was dressed in a stunning red dress, as you can see in the picture below.

All the children were wearing incredibly beautiful clothes.

The "winners" stood out with extra special creations and were given a place in the centre of the stage.

Then there were many long speeches by the school management and others. Many of them were in English (a language that is widely used), but sometimes we still had trouble following them because of the loud and noisy speakers. We did understand that one of the speakers introduced the word FAMILY as an acronym for "Father And Mother I Love You".

Rainy weather

Considering that it is a dry season in the Philippines, we can say that it still rains quite a lot. Getting around on the small muddy roads can be a challenge sometimes ... But, it is still much more sun than rain!

Finally ready for a boat trip

Malapascua has started to feel 'home' now, for better or worse. It is nice to find in the alleys and to get more and more familiar faces to cheer on and talk to. At the same time, life is becoming a bit one-sided, and now we are really excited about boat trips and adventures (that we have been preparing for so long for)!

Julia, Micke, Peter and Hildem watch a billiard game at Malapascua. Here a game of billiards and cards were played together.

Hildem, who will be joining us on the boat trip, has bought a new oil filter for the engine and this may be one of the last important pieces of the puzzle for us to get underway. We have installed the kitchen (a gas stove) and packed on board sleeping mats, pillows and kitchen utensils. Now we are so ready for departure!

Helena and Peter as well as Julia and Micke with a first coffee on board the Dotche.

Best this week

The best part of this week is that we got to spend another week in beautiful Malapascua - and now we're ready to embark on a boating adventure! What has been the best part of your week?

A delicious watermelon juice at Bounty Beach in Malapascua.

The week ahead

If all goes according to plan, we'll leave on the Dotche boat on Sunday, and you'll be able to follow the adventure here on FREEDOMtravel. Want to make sure you don't miss anything? Follow us via:

We will try to update every day as usual, but please note that the can there is a risk that we will be in total internet shadow. In that case, we will update as soon as we can!

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