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Camper Survey 2022 - a survey on camping life

How do Swedes camp? And how do campers and motorhome users view travelling, seasons, environmental factors and climate impact? These questions are answered in the "Camper Survey 2022", conducted by Acamp.


About Camper Survey 2022

The survey was aimed at campers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, mainly through the "Ställplatser" app, which is part of the Acamp - a Nordic marketplace where campers find more personalised places to stay. Of the 492 responses, 88.4% came from Sweden, 9.8% from Norway and 1.6% from Denmark.

Camper Survey 2022

Location and travelling

When it comes to choosing a place to stay for the night, the survey shows that surroundings and nature are most important. In addition, price matters.

Camper Survey 2022

Among those surveyed, the majority preferred to stay overnight in a pitch, followed by small camping (10-50 pitches) or free camping.

Most people stay 1-2 nights per site, according to the survey. In addition to charges for accommodation and fuel, most people spend between 0 and 600 SEK per day per person.

Camper Survey 2022

To find tips on campsites and pitches, most people use apps, websites and social media. Using paper magazines is much less common, showing that campers are a digital group.

Camper Survey 2022

A total of 67% travel with pets and 29% travel with children or grandchildren.

In terms of interests, food and drink and hiking/running are at the top of the list. A total of 12 per cent report the possibility of teleworking as an activity. However, one can reflect on the fact that the response options mostly focus on outdoor activities and that response options focusing on cultural interests are missing.

Camper Survey 2022


What are the seasons for camping? The survey shows that most people travel with their camping vehicle in spring, summer and autumn. Among Swedes, 23% also camp in winter.

Svenskar som campar vintertid


The world situation has affected campers in different ways. According to the survey, 42% spend more time camping than on other holiday options due to the world situation, and 53% travel more within Sweden. A total of 40 per cent are more careful with hygiene and health due to the coronavirus pandemic, and 46 per cent are more careful with fuel consumption.

Omvärlden påverkar camping

Climate impact

A total of 67% think about their climate impact when going on a camping holiday and 31% also try to reduce their climate impact.

A total of 87% think about littering when camping. A total of 78% always put their own rubbish in a bin, 68% are careful to sort their rubbish and 35% also pick up other people's rubbish.


Camper Survey 2022 - FREEDOMtravel's reflections

It was really interesting to read this survey, we think. The results reflect the times in many ways, with the world situation largely characterising how we travel and camp.

One reflection is that the respondents to this survey come from the app "Ställplatser" and therefore represent the group of campers who like to stand on pitches. If the questions were asked to campers at large traditional campsites, the answers would probably be different.


What do you think about the results of the Camper Survey 2022?

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