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10 unique vehicles and caravans at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023.

We showcase ten unique vehicles and caravans from Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023. The annual fair, often described as the 'Christmas Eve of campers', has just ended. Here are some exciting vehicles and caravans that we spotted.


Unique vehicles and caravans at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023.

This year, over 140 exhibitors exhibited at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023. Of course, we were mostly busy with "Destination Square" which we co-organised, but we still had time to look around the fair. Among other things, there were a lot of accessories, and there were also plenty of vehicles in a slightly smaller size.

There also continues to be more variety in motorhome chassis - not just Fiat, but also Mercedes, Ford and Peugot. Today, we'll showcase some unique vehicles and caravans that we spotted. Next, we'll showcase motorhomes and flatbeds.

Rooftop tents have become trendy and were displayed by several different exhibitors

1st Eriba Touring 430

In one of the halls, Eriba displayed its charming caravans, with a nostalgic look, in a variety of lovely colours. The caravans come in different models, with different lengths and designs, and we took a look at the Eriba Touring 430.

The caravans are lightweight - slightly smaller and narrower than traditional caravans - and are equipped with pop-up roofs. They are most convenient for two people, although some caravans can accommodate an additional person, such as a child.

  • Total length: 5.54 metres
  • Weight in running order: 917 kg
  • Sleeping places: 3
  • Basic price: 361 000 SEK

2. iKamper Skycamp 3.0 rooftop tent.

Rooftop tents have become all the rage and were on display in several places at the show. We looked at one from iKamper, which can be attached to almost any car as long as you have the right roof rack.

For example, the roof top tent is suitable for those who want to camp occasionally, but perhaps live in the city and don't want to have to park a caravan. If you want to camp when it's cold, you can also add insulation tents.

  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Basic price: SEK 39 995

3. Wheelchair R ET

For the first time at Elmia, the wheeled trolley was displayed outside the exhibition centre. These are slightly smaller and lighter wagons, imported from Poland. The Polish company has a long history, and the wagons have been in Sweden for four years.

There are a number of different models, all of which are smaller, and we took a closer look at the Hjovagn R ET. Incidentally, one of the advantages of such a small and light caravan is that it is tax exempt.

  • Total weight: 750 kg
  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Basic price: 174 400 SEK

4. Offroad Camper from WildCat Campers

A special small off-road caravan from WildCat Campers was on display at the fair, designed to be used in both summer and winter. In the photos next to the caravan, it was shown together with a four-wheel drive tractor, and the idea is to be able to go on adventures. Inside the trailer, there is a sleeping area for two and a kitchen in the tailgate.

  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Basic price: 214 500 SEK

5th CraftCart amphibious motorbike

"What is this?" I (Helena) exclaimed when I saw the two little shiny vehicles (or vehicles, if you will) at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023. It turns out that these are amphibious motorcycles - which can be driven both on land and in water.

The model pictured here is powered entirely by electricity. It can travel at around 45 km/h on land and 4 knots in water. Another model, shown next to it, was equipped with an outboard motor and runs on petrol on water and thus faster - at about 20 knots. Both come from the CraftCart Company.

  • Total length: 3.2 metres
  • Weight: 250-300 kg depending on the design
  • Basic price: Approximately SEK 400,000 (electric only) or SEK 450,000 (electric and petrol outboard).

6. Hobby Beachy 360

Hobby's Beachy caravan has been shown at Elmia before, but it is different from other caravans, and we choose to show it again. "Beachy" offers a vanlife spirit, and here it is "back to basic" that applies. There is no heating system, no cooker and no toilet. For such purposes, you have to pack a porta potti, a cooler and a grill.

  • Total length: 5.08 metres
  • Weight in running order: 757 kg
  • Sleeping places: 3
  • Basic price: 213 000 SEK

7th Combi-Camp tent trailer

Combi-Camp offers a slightly different way of camping. You take along a trailer, which is easier to pull than a full caravan, and can then quickly pitch a whole tent around the trailer.

The basic design includes certain elements, including the bedroom and kitchen area, and you can then add extensions to the tent, for example if the children grow up and need their own 'room'.

  • Sleeping places: 2-7
  • Basic price: Approximately SEK 135 000

8. Knaus Yaseo - caravan for e-mobility

Caravans pulled by electric cars and motorhomes on electricity - both concepts are on the way. Electric motorhomes are not on the market yet, as weight limits still limit the possibilities, but this year a caravan adapted for e-mobility was shown at Elmia Husvagn Husbil.

The Knaus Yaseo is a slightly lighter caravan, which is therefore suitable for towing an electric car. The caravan is also fully adapted for electric operation. Unless you choose to buy a LPG package, which is possible, the caravan is powered entirely by electricity via the electric car. Although the caravan is only powered by electricity from the towing vehicle, according to the manufacturers, it should be possible to free camp for up to a week.

The caravan also has a lot of smart compact living solutions such as a table and bed that can be folded down from the wall and an expandable shower space.

  • Service weight: From 905 kg
  • Sleeping places: Up to 5
  • Basic price: From SEK 311 000

9. Tischer Trail/Box 260/260S

An alternative to a classic motorhome is a so-called "camper", i.e. a body that can be mounted directly on a pick-up truck. The advantage of this type of camping accommodation is, of course, that the vehicle can be used both with and without the body. A further advantage is that it avoids all the taxes that can "affect" motorhomes. This vehicle is simply classed as a car.

Many campers can be surprisingly cosy inside, and this is also true of the Tischer Trail/Box 260/260S. There's a large bed, seating, toilet and kitchen area.

  • Total length: 6.08 metres
  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Basic price: Missing information

10. Motorhome terrace

Last but not least, why not equip your motorhome with a terrace? The advantage, of course, is that you can sit comfortably on any surface and, for example, avoid placing your outdoor furniture on wet or muddy ground.

The terrace was not on display at the fair, but it could be seen at the fairground, where exhibitors from Nortrip (an experience guide for motorhome travellers in Norway) used it. The terrace comes from and works as a cassette that you attach under the motorhome.

  • Weight: 46-55 kg
  • Size: 3.5 - 6.2 square metres
  • Basic price: Missing information

More unique vehicles and caravans at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023.

Did you see any other unique vehicles or caravans at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023? Please tell us!

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