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FREEDOMtravel's travel plans for autumn and winter 2023

Where do we travel this autumn and winter? We, Helena and Peter, currently work full time with the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel, and we travel a lot. But what are our travel plans for autumn and winter? We tell you!


Travel year to date 2023

We have had an incredibly exciting year of travelling so far in 2023. We started off in January with a short winter trip to Vorarlberg in Austria. Then we went to Philippines, where we spent three months.

When we got back to Sweden, it was time to get the motorhome out for spring. We visited Three Wooden Cities and High coast before travelling over to Åland. We then proceeded to Finland (and made a detour by aeroplane to Tunisia) and then continued all the way up to Haparanda and Tornio before continuing southwards through Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

In the Philippines earlier this year

At home in Stockholm

We have now been home in Stockholm for a while, and it has been quite nice. There are many impressions when you travel so much, and a lot of material in the form of notes and pictures to be processed.

We now also take the opportunity to spend some time taking care of both the houseboat, where we live, and ourselves. In other words, we try to exercise and train a little, which has suffered during the year unfortunately. But, there will still be more trips during the autumn and winter, so what are we planning?

Our houseboat at home in Stockholm

Travel plans for autumn and winter 2023

Here you can see some of the plans that are in our calendar right now. Some plans are pretty much nailed down and others are still in limbo. This means that not everything may happen, but it may also happen that other things are added. We have the following travel plans underway, or are thinking about, right now...

Uzbekistan has been on our wish list for a long time, and we met representatives of this country at the Seniormässan in Stockholm. We started talking about cooperating and we may go there soon, but at the time of writing it is still unclear.

Poland we will make another trip, and then it will be us (Helena and Peter) and Peter's brother Micke. The trip is a kind of "work trip" and we have booked several planning meetings with various companies along the way (in Poland and Sweden), but at the same time we will take the opportunity to check out some interesting places.

Christmas dinner cruise to Naantali with Finnlines is an idea that we have discussed and that sounds nice. Nothing is nailed down yet.

Edinburgh sounds like an exciting place to celebrate New Year. We'll think about it and see if it's possible. Nothing is nailed down yet.

Matka in Helsinki is a big travel fair in January, which we hope to attend.

South Africa is our big plan for February. We met a South African couple in the Philippines earlier this year, and now we are planning to visit them. Also, Peter's son Robin and his wife are going to South Africa around the same time for a wedding. This will be exciting!

Gdansk Neptun
There will be a return visit to Gdansk.

What are your travel plans for autumn and winter?

What are your travel plans for autumn and winter 2023? Do you have big destinations, or maybe some small excursions, planned?

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