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Feasting on Smögen - autumn's delicious seafood

Finally we are out with the motorhome again! We left work early the day before yesterday and drove all evening. Only after eleven in the evening we arrived. It is a bit difficult to find a new place when it is dark, but we parked in a car park by the water.


With a motorhome in the car park

We have a really good position in the car park by the water here in Smögen. But we are surprised that there are so few people here. Isn't it high season for seafood this time of year? In any case, it's great to disconnect from everyday life and have a little mini holiday. You don't have to go further away than this! What are you doing this weekend?

Saturday in Smögen and more people. The rain has been persistent all day, but it's still really cosy to stroll along the pier and browse in the fish shops. We had a shrimp sandwich and a beer for lunch at Göstas, and then we collected the autumn's delicacies: crab, shrimp and mussels.

Mussels and crabs au gratin

Tonight it was oven-baked mussels. Very good to gratinate the cooked mussels with a coating of melted butter mixed with crumbled bread, chopped garlic and parsley. The Smögen crabs cost almost nothing (30 kr for two large ones) and had huge claws, but cannot compare with the Irish ones in terms of flavour and quality.

Skaldjur Smögen

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