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Seafood in Smögen - Sweden's beautiful west coast

Of course you want to take the opportunity to eat seafood in Smögen. The very best seafood is supposed to be here, and if there's one thing we really love, it's prawns, crayfish, crabs and the like. The fog is thick as you can see and the air is quite cold, but what does that matter when you can feast on delicious seafood?


With the motorhome in Smögen

We stand with the motorhome in Smögen, in a completely normal car park right by the water and all the stalls. We were also here last yearand wanted to come back. We are definitely not the only ones to stay here with the motorhome, so it seems to go well, at least in the low season.

In the high season it might be different, because then I can imagine that the place is full. There are no services here (except for a rubbish bin), but we manage well anyway. The car is charged with electricity and we have water in the tanks.

The fog is thick today, but the sea air is still fresh to breathe. We have walked among the rocks and played a little with the camera. Among other things, we took some pictures of ourselves!

Husbilar Smögen

Feast on seafood in Smögen

It is only a short walk from the car park, where we are with the motorhome, to Göstas fisk where you can buy all the fine seafood. For lunch it was each a shrimp sandwich with a beer. Sooo heavenly good! In the evening we feasted on shrimp, crayfish and crab. The Irish crabs were a bit small and boring actually, but the prawns and crayfish were fantastic. A real feast!

Here at Göstas we buy our seafood in Smögen.
Shrimp sandwich for lunch
Havskräftor och andra skaldjur i Smögen
The king of crayfish?

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