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An accident happens easily - a broken motorhome window

The campsite owner at Camping Sardegna in Porto Pino, Sardinia, asked us to move the motorhome back two metres. No problem! Since we were travelling such a short distance, we didn't bother to close the windows... but we should have.


Motorhome window cracked

On the outside of our campsite there was a street lamp that we hadn't noticed. Boom! The window cracked right through and was left hanging in pieces ... For now, we have glued and taped. In the future, we need to find somewhere where we can get a new window... Suggestions are gratefully received!

All sorts of things that need fixing

There are a few things that need to be fixed on our motorhome now! Yesterday a handle on one of the cabinet doors cracked, a hob does not work (becomes a high flame instead of small blue flames), it is not possible to regulate the cold on the fridge & freezer, we have to change the oil and oil filter, and the engine light is sometimes on.

Maybe it's not surprising that things break when you've had your motorhome for seven years and use it every day. Some things we have to fix while travelling and other things we have to take care of when we get back home.

Vår ruta som är tejpad och limmad - och den förrädiska stolpen...
Our box that is taped and glued - and the treacherous pole ...

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