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Hang gliding in Interlaken, Switzerland

In co-operation with Switzerland Tourism

We have now had the chance to try hang gliding in Interlaken, Switzerland. There was no doubt that Peter would agree to fly, but the question was whether I (Helena) was also prepared to throw myself into the air ...? The dramatic start of the day was then followed by a lovely boat trip on Lake Brienz, and a nice hike to a waterfall.


From Gruyère to Brienz

After all the gluttony of chocolate and cheese in Gruyère cheese we rolled on towards Brienz on Lake Brienz, mainly along the Grand Tour of Switzerlandthat is, the beautiful road around Switzerland. Here we took in an absolutely fantastic nice campsite right on the lake.

Väg till Brienz, Interlaken i Schweiz

Stay at camping Aaregg in Brienz

Family campsite Aaregg The campsite is located on the beautiful Lake Brienz, about 20 minutes' walk from Brienz. Right next to the campsite you have the clear green-blue water, and in all directions around the lake you can see the high dramatic mountains. This is also a modern and very nice campsite with well-maintained pitches, fresh service buildings, WiFi that works well and a restaurant.

Camping Brienz
Camping Brienzsjön
Brienz camping

Eat at Restaurant in Brienz

A short walk from the campsite we also found the restaurant at Hotel Brienz. The hotel's outdoor dining area is actually a bit boring against a car park, but here we got such good food that we went back again after the first one!

Pasta med räkor
Pasta with prawns at Hotel Brienz

Try hang gliding in Interlaken

The Swiss Tourist Office surprised us by inviting us to try hang gliding in Interlaken. Hang gliding? I, Helena, am afraid of heights! How would it go?

By the time we got on the train in the morning, from Brienz to Interlaken, I had almost made up my mind that not try. Then we met up with that crazy bunch from Bumble Bee Hang Gliding, and I thought that I could wait a bit to say that I didn't want to fly ...

Bumble Bee, Interlaken i Schweiz
Peter and Helena (centre) and two of the Bumble Bee pilots.
Hängflygning i Interlaken i Schweiz
Ready for a flight ...?

We travelled by car up a mountain with five pilots/guides from Bumble Bee and two young girls from South Korea. Up on the mountain, the pilots built the small structures we would fly with and then we practised running to start the flight.

What made me dare to try it after all was the fact that you can not had to jump off a cliff. All you had to do was run down a hill, until you simply lifted off the ground ...

Hängflygning i Interlaken i Schweiz
Beautiful view from the mountain we would fly from

Of course my stomach was churning, but taking off was actually not as scary as you might think. We lifted off the ground, and then we flew out over Interlaken. What a view! Absolutely amazing to see the city below with the winding green-blue rivers, and the high mountains all around. I was probably mostly holding the pilot fairly tightly, but I was definitely able to enjoy the flight!

Hängflygning i Interlaken med Bumble Bee
Peter with the Bumble Bee pilot, above Interlaken
Hängflygning i Interlaken i Schweiz
Surprisingly, I (Helena) also flew!
Hang gliding i Interlaken i Schweiz
Look, we're flying!

After about ten minutes of flying, we landed safely on a large grass field in Interlaken. Many thanks to the great crew from Bumble Bee Hang Gliding for a fantastic experience!

Bumble bee i Interlaken i Schweiz
The happy gang from Bumble Bee Hang gliding in Interlaken.

Take a boat trip on Lake Brienz

After our hang gliding experience in Interlaken, it was nice to sit down for a beer and a bite to eat. Then we took a boat from Interlaken, and travelled towards Itselwald. A wonderful and beautiful boat trip on Lake Brienz!
Båttur på Brienzsjön i Schweiz
Båttur på Brienzsjön
Brienzersee, båttur på Brienzsjön

Hiking along Lake Brienz

From Itselwald we walked on the marked trail along the lake, up to the waterfall in Giessbach. The hike took just over 1.5 hours, and it was a really nice hiking trail, with views of the lake and sometimes straight into the troll forest.

Båttur på Brienzsjön i Schweiz
Vandring Schweiz

Experience Giessbach Waterfall

Finally, we arrived at the waterfall in Giessbach. The waterfall is really high, but is probably more rich in water in the spring. We took the cable car up a bit, and then walked the rest of the way to the small bridge that runs behind the waterfall.

Vattenfall Brienz
Hotell Giessbach
A selfie with the view of the mountains and the hotel in Giessbach

Boat back to Brienz

Finally, we took a boat back from Giessbach to Brienz, and then walked to our campsite. A long and very eventful day!

Båttur på Brienzsjön Brienzersee
We didn't go with this one, but it's nice, isn't it?
Båttur på Brienzsjön
This boat took us back to Brienz

Video from Interlaken, Switzerland

Peter has put together a film from Interlaken, Switzerland. Please check it out!

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