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12 nature experiences in Switzerland - from tranquillity to adventure

Here are 12 nature experiences in Switzerland. This small Alpine country offers fantastic nature in the form of high mountains, large glaciers, shimmering lakes and roaring waterfalls. Nature can be experienced in many different ways, such as hiking, cycling, camping, train journeys and boat trips.


Nature experiences in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries we have visited in Europe. We've travelled around the country by car, bus, motorhome and train, and it's stunningly beautiful. almost everywhere. Sometimes we are actually surprised that Swedes travel so little in Switzerland. "Isn't it expensive?", we often hear. And yes, the price level is relatively high, but it is certainly not impossible to travel here. And Swedes do travel in Norway?

Utsikt Schweiz

You can definitely travel in Switzerland without it having to be unnecessarily expensive. Just like in other countries, you can choose to travel by motorhome, camp, stay in simple accommodation, cook your own food sometimes, etc. Switzerland also has campsites and grocery stores such as Lidl.

Although Switzerland is outside the EU, there are now agreements in place so that the internet doesn't have to be more expensive (but check with your operator). Driving a car in the country requires a year's subscription, but the fee is still quite modest compared to many other countries. Currently, it costs CHF 40 (around €373) to buy a car for a year. Swiss Motorhome Sticker which is valid for a full year. Please note that you may need to buy two tags if you are towing a caravan and that caravans over 3.5 tonnes pay at a different rate.

Naturupplevelser i Schweiz

Twelve nature experiences in Switzerland

Here are 12 fantastic nature experiences in Switzerland that we can recommend. All are based on our own experiences and travelling in the country.

1st choir "Grand Tour of Switzerland"

One way to experience Switzerland's amazing nature is to drive along the "Grand Tour of Switzerland". By following this signposted route, you know you'll experience everything from soaring mountains to dramatic glaciers, as well as charming villages and interesting towns. The road is suitable for cars and motorbikes, and if you're driving a larger motorhome you may need to take an alternative route in some places.

2. Experience Switzerland from a train window

What's fascinating about Switzerland is that the landscape is so beautiful, almost everywhere. Experiencing the country from a train window is powerful. We have travelled by train from Zurich to Zion and from Sion to Zermatt. Both journeys were beautiful, and the latter was extraordinary with dramatic views from panoramic windows.

3. Stay in the car-free town of Zermatt

Zermatt is a charming little town in the mountains of southern Switzerland. In winter many people come here to ski, and in summer you can go hiking or mountain biking. Cars are banned in this small town, which gives it a natural and almost 'old-fashioned' feel.

4. Ride downhill on a mountain bike

One of our very best experiences in Switzerland was when we went downhill mountain biking in Zermatt. First a cable car and gondola up the mountain and then a gentle roll down on the bikes. Breathtakingly beautiful everywhere!

5. Visit the Lavaux wine region

Do you like wine and beautiful scenery? Then you will enjoy the Lavaux wine region, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, about an hour's drive from Geneva. Here you can walk in beautiful surroundings, visit vineyards and eat good food.

6. Try hang gliding in Interlaken

Looking for adventure and excitement? Try hang gliding over beautiful Interlaken. If you want a quieter adventure, you can take a quiet boat trip across the beautiful Lake Brienz. Beautifully located in Brienz, right next to the water, there is also a nice campsite.

7. Swim through the capital of Switzerland

What, a nature experience in a capital city? Yes, in Switzerland it is indeed possible! The River Aare flows through Bern and Bernese people love to swim here, perhaps on their lunch break. We tried it, and it was a wonderfully refreshing experience! Just remember to check with the locals where you have to get up.

8. Take a train journey up Mount Pilatus.

Lucerne is an incredibly beautiful city, and from here you can visit the high mountain Pilatus. We did the excursion "The Golden Tour" which means that you start with a boat trip to Alpnachstad, where you take a train (!) up to the top. On the way down you take a cable car instead.

9. See the rushing Rhine Falls

Located in northern Switzerland, the Rhine Falls is the second widest waterfall in Europe, with a width of 150 metres and a height of 23 metres. We were here during an unusually dry period, but it was still great to see the waterfall, especially from the boat trip that took us right next to it.

10. Admire the view from Hoher Kasten mountain

If you visit the charming and interesting little town of Apenzell in north-eastern Switzerland, you can also take the opportunity to climb the Hoher Kasten mountain. You can go up by cable car, and at the top you have a complete fantastic View. There is also a rotating restaurant up here, so you have views in all directions while enjoying a Swiss meal.

11. Hiking in Verbier

Verbier is a famous ski resort in south-west Switzerland. In summer you can come here to hike or cycle in the beautiful Alpine landscape, as Peter did on a press trip. One day they went to the Corbassière glacier, at 2641 metres. On the second day, they climbed the Pierre Avoi mountain, first on electric mountain bikes and then on foot. Strenuous, but breathtakingly beautiful!

12. Camping with a motorhome, caravan or tent

Switzerland is a great place to discover by motorhome or car and caravan or tent. There are plenty of campsites, many of which are located close to nature by mountains or lakes. For example, we liked camping Aaregg in Brienz and camping Geneva Vésenaz in Geneva. 

More nature experiences in Switzerland

There are of course even more possible nature experiences in Switzerland. In winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular. In summer, you can also try adventures such as rafting, horse riding and bird watching. Here you can read about even more what to see and do in Switzerland.

All our top tips about Switzerland. Click on the image!

What are your experiences with nature in Switzerland?

Do you have any experiences with nature in Switzerland? Please tell us! If not, is there anything that attracts you, and if so, what?

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