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Gruyère in Switzerland - chocolate and Swiss cheese

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Gruyère in Switzerland is a mecca for cheese lovers. We drove the motorhome to Broc, where we tried chocolate in Maison Cailler. Then we continued to Gruyère, where we of course bought Swiss cheese and had a cheese fondue. Finally, we ended the day with some horror with the Alien Monsters at the Giger Museum ...


To Broc and Gruyère

After visiting in Lavaux wine regions we drove, starting at camping de la Pichette, towards Broc and Gruyère. Time for tasting both chocolate and cheese in Switzerland!

Till Gruyère i Schweiz
Lummigt landskap

Chocolate in Maison Cailler

Who doesn't dream of visiting a chocolate factory? The popular Swiss chocolate brand Cailler was created by Swiss François-Louis Cailler in 1820. Today you can visit Maison Cailler, a visitor centre that tells you everything you want to know about Swiss chocolate in general, and the Cailler brand in particular.

Above all, a visit here is an experience! It all starts with entering a lift... and then a world of chocolate opens up. The experiential tour takes you to the rainforest where the cocoa grows and aboard rocking (real!) boats as the new luxury product is transported to Europe. Finally, you arrive at a room where you can feel and smell the cocoa beans, nuts, coconut oil and other ingredients.

schweizisk choklad

At the end of the tour, you are invited to try different Cailler chocolates. You can't eat as many as you want, but at the same time it's hard to stop!

Schweizisk choklad

If you want, you can also book a workshop where you can make your own chocolate pralines. Must be really fun for families! We didn't try it, but just peeked through the glass window, but it looked like fun! Information about different workshops can be found at Maison Cailler website.


Gruyère in Switzerland

After visiting the chocolate factory, we continued to the nearby village of Gruyère. We love Gruyère cheese and were really looking forward to this visit for the sake of the cheese. However, we had no idea that the village would be so incredibly charming. It felt like stepping into a medieval film!

Gruyère i Schweiz
Gata i Gruyère

Swiss cheese

In Gruyère you can of course buy Swiss cheese, which we did. If you also want to eat cheese fondue or raclette in Gruyère is available lots of places to choose from. We ate at a restaurant called Le Chalet, which may be a bit touristy, but has a nice outdoor terrace and all the "right" dishes.

restaurang i Gruyère med schweizisk ost

Cheese fondue in Gruyère

We have tested raclette twice beforeHowever, we had never tried Swiss cheese fondue. Time for cheese fondue then! We had bread, pickled cucumbers, pickled onions, boiled potatoes and hot melted cheese in a large fondue pot.

Our first reaction was that the dish is extremely similar to raclette. The accessories are exactly the same, only that you dip them in the cheese instead of putting melted cheese on top. It was delicious, of course! You just have to get up and move immediately afterwards, so you don't collapse from all the food ...!

Schweizisk ost - ostfondue i Gruyère
Ostfondue Schweiz - schweizisk ost

Horror at the Giger Museum

To shake down all the melted cheese, we walked over to the centre. The Giger Museumwhich is also located in Gruyère. H.R. Giger was a Swiss artist best known for creating the monsters in the science fiction film Alien. The museum displays both the Alien monsters and other works of art by Giger, usually on themes such as horror, biomechanics and nudity.
Alien i Gruyère
Gigermuseet med Alien

Right next to the museum is an Alien-style café. Perfect if you want to have a coffee in a horror environment! We moved on to the next campsite, in another part of Switzerland. We will tell you more soon!

Alien café i Gruyère

Video from Gruyère in Switzerland

Peter put together a film from Gruyère in Switzerland. Please check it out!

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