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Advent mingle at Dominika - with Glöet Sparkling Glögg!

Glöet Sparkling Glögg is a rose bubble flavoured with glögg spices, and this year the red bottle has been joined by "GLÖET White", with a twist of baked apple. We tested both varieties at an Advent mingle at the home of Dominika Peczynski and Anders Borg.


Advent mingle at Dominika Peczynski's house

Dominika Peczynski and Anders Borg live in a lovely apartment in Östermalm in Stockholm. Last Friday, Dominika hosted a fantastic Advent mingle in connection with this year's launch of GLÖET Sparkling Glögg.

Dominika runs the PR agency Mafioso PR, which is responsible for marketing the drink in Sweden. In addition to glögg-scented bubbly, we were offered Christmas snacks such as bread, ham, cheeses, lussebullar and chocolate pralines. Very, very nice!

Adventsmingel hos Dominika med Glöet Sparkling Glögg
Adventsmingel hos Dominika


There were a few hours of pleasant mingling, and we bumped into our blogging friends Christian from Food and travel blog and Lina from Liniz Travel & Lifestyle and Malin from Fab Foodie Swede.

We also had time to mingle with lifestyle bloggers, writers from different magazines and people in the PR industry. And of course, we got to talk to Dominika and her team, who are all very nice, cheerful and down-to-earth.

Adventsmingel med Glöet Sparkling Glögg
Christian and Lina in Christmas red outfits, at the home of Dominika and Anders Borg.
Adventsmingel med Glöet Sparkling Glögg
In the centre is Malin from Fab Foodie Swede and to the right Anette from GLÖET.

Glöet Sparkling Glögg

GLÖET Sparkling Glögg is a rose bubble flavoured with classic mulled wine spices. It won the 2017 IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) award and the 2019 Wineawards award. Last year, the entire stock was sold out in November and this year the producers are prepared with a much larger stock. The festive bubbly is available at System and costs SEK 99.

Glöet White

GLÖET White is a new variant based on sparkling white wine flavoured with mulled wine spices and baked apple. The white variant will also be available on the system shortly, at the same price as the red one.

Glöet sparkling Glögg

A Finnish family business

GLÖET Sparkling Glögg has been developed by a small Finnish family business. We met Anette and Juha-Matti Raunio at the Advent mingle at Dominika and Anders' home. Amazingly nice and cheerful, and of course very committed to their product!

We were told that it all started five years ago, when they started testing at home by flavouring bubbles with mulled wine. Now they sell their product in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK.

Juha-Matti och Anette Raunio från Glöet
Juha-Matti, Peter and Anette

What did we think of Glöet Sparkling Glögg?

The red version of the drink has been on the market for a while, but we had never tried it before. Now that we got the chance to try it, we really liked it. If you want to vary the mulled wine, this is a perfect companion drink at Christmas time. The Christmas spices are very clear, while it feels a bit more festive to drink bubble than regular mulled wine. Peter preferred the red and I (Helena) the white.

Have you tried GLÖET Sparkling Glögg? What do you think?
Glöet Sparkling Glögg

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