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La Girafe, Portuguese wine and Czech party at Bar Central

What a week! Again. We have had time for several nice restaurant visits, a bunch of meetings and events and also a lot of wonderful hanging out with other travel writers.


Restaurant La Girafe

It was actually at the end of last week that Peter visited restaurant La Girafe, on Kungsholmen, together with our friend Christian from Food and travel blog. This restaurant opened just over two years ago, but now it has been revitalised with a new interior, a new menu and a new chef. In other words, lots of new things!

The restaurant's inspiration comes from multicultural Paris, and the dishes are both classically European and excitingly Asian. Peter and Christian started with a glass of the house champagne and chose to share three starters: Sashimi Hamachi, Vietnamese spring rolls and raw beef. A delicious start!

For the main course, Peter chose sea bass with potato gratin as a side dish, while Christian brought in Steak Minute on flapjack. Finally, the meal ended with tiramisu and meringue whisks. A nice restaurant and very good food!

Meetings, work and planning for next year

Just as the week began, Peter's brother Micke came to visit the houseboat. Since then, it has been full steam ahead all week with lots of booked events and meetings, both physical and digital, to plan next year.

Event: Portugal and wine

On Tuesday, the Portuguese Tourist Board organised an event focusing on Portuguese wine. It really was a full day. The event started with breakfast and presentations of different regions. Among other things, we were inspired to see more of the Alentejo region, where there are fantastically charming villages and really cool old castles, walls and forts.

Then there was a few hours' break, before it was time for a tasting of (very good!) Portuguese wines in the afternoon. Then me and Cornelia, from the blog A little more pink, having coffee, talking and working. Great fun!

Cornelia, who is also a guest writer with us, took the opportunity to finish her article about a wonderful destination in Italy, which will be published tomorrow on FREEDOMtravel!

Czech Christmas party at Bar Central

Later in the week it was time for a Christmas party together with the Czech Tourist Board. We think that Czech Republic is a great country to travel in (especially with a motorhome!) and has been working with the Czech Tourist Board for many years.

Kristina and Lucie from the Czech Tourist Board, and we (Peter and Helena)

The Christmas party was organised at Bar Central, on Birger Jarlsgatan. This restaurant serves Central European food and wines - food and drink inspired by countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

The food we were served was really good, and the service was really, really good, with that personal touch that gives a little extra to a restaurant visit. The dinner started with charcuterie, fried cheese and langos (to share of course) with sour cream, grated cheese and onions. Very good!

Then the dinner continued with even more goodies. The tables were set with spaetzle, schnitzel, raw vegetable salad, anchovy butter and potato salad.

They also served duck leg confit with dumplings. So, what a dinner! Everything was so good and well prepared, so we will gladly return to this restaurant.

Best this week

Best this week? It is hard to say, but it has been a calm week with great meetings and good food. On the other hand, it has been so intense that we may need a quiet weekend after this ...

Your turn, what can you highlight as positive from your week?

The week ahead

In the coming week, there will probably be some meetings and events, but it should be a bit quieter, and that might be needed! Our main plan is to stay at home in the houseboat, work and train. On FREEDOMtravel there will be mixed reading, from Italy to motorhome life and travel tips.

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