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Guest of the week: Johan Persson, caravan enthusiast

Johan Persson is only 23 years old, but is already a full-fledged expert on caravans and mobile homes. He lives in a caravan, works for a caravan company and writes about caravans for both a magazine and a web portal. He also runs the blog Caravanum, where he writes enthusiastically and knowledgeably about caravans and motorhomes.


Johan often travels around on motorhome and caravan fairs, both in Sweden and abroad, and therefore it was perhaps not so strange that we met at the Caravan Stockholm fair in February this year. During the fair, we took the opportunity to ask if Johan wanted to be a guest with us, and today we have the opportunity to present an interview with him!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do and where do you live?

I live in Fritsla, a small town south of Borås. I am originally from Gävle and in between I have lived in Borås and for a short time in Manchester. I work at Borås Husvagnstjänst AB, which rents out caravans. I am a writer for the magazine Husvagn På Väg and the web portal CampingSverige.

How did you become so interested in caravans?

My interest in caravanning was born at the age of 10. My family rented a caravan in the summer of 2002, and I immediately fell in love with both the compactness of the accommodation and the caravan as a vehicle. A pre-existing interest in anything that rolls contributed greatly to the latter.

You live in a caravan all year round. How does it work with practical things like heating, mail, where to register and so on?

I have my caravan parked at work, which is one big caravan park and an indoor facility. I am registered at the company's address. There is a toilet and washing machine on the premises. I shower at friends' houses. My caravan has no built-in electric heating so I use a separate heater in the centre of the caravan.

Do you travel with your caravan? Tell us about some trips you have made with a caravan!

I travel by caravan a few times a year. In the summer of 2015, I went to Düsseldorf in Germany, where the world's largest caravan fair is held. In October, I drove from Fritsla to Dorotea, with a camper (pickup truck with body) from S-Karosser. Right now I'm planning a road trip down to Europe, to countries I've never been to. It's always fun to discover something new!

If you imagine your dream home for the future, what does it look like?

I have a preference for small homes, with space for only the essentials. My dream caravan should be travel-friendly, smartly planned and preferably with a cool design. I love the Sealander, the caravan that is also a boat. I also like my current Kabe Rubin, but I dream a lot about a Kabe Topas. It's even smaller, and also very unique.

Johan Persson i en Caravan Expansive från 1989 (bilden är från 2012)
Johan Persson in a 1989 Caravan Expansive (photo from 2012).

What do you want to do in the future?

Like now, I want to work with caravans and motorhomes, in a way that involves meeting people and travelling a lot. I also want to make a business out of my blog.

How do you think caravans and the caravan market will develop in the future?

I think the range of products on the market will continue to broaden, as it has for a while now. The difference between large and small, simple and luxurious, angular and streamlined will become greater. I also think it's time to reduce the weight of caravans. You can experiment a lot with a caravan and, for example, mount skis on it (like the Fritidsvagnen) or make a caravan boat (like the Sealander).

Finally, a question we ask everyone we interview: What is your dream destination?

I have many dream destinations, but if I have to mention something that is not yet in the planning, but is in my mind, it is a Nordic road trip. I have never been to either Finland or Norwaybut is curious about both of them. Top it off with an adventurous camping experience on the Iceland and the experience is complete.

Johan Persson på Caravan Salon i Dusseldorf 2015, framför en Carado husvagn
Johan Persson at Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf 2015, in front of a Carado caravan.

Thank you Johan Persson for sharing your experiences and thoughts!

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