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Tough journey to Barcelona - and on board the Freedom of the Seas!

After Robin's party we did not sleep for many hours, and then it was time to leave for Arlanda. We didn't know it then, but it would be another sleepless night. When we finally got on board the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas yesterday, it also did not start as calmly as we had wanted. On the contrary, the cruise started with queues, congestion, loud speaker announcements and a fire drill. We finally got a quiet and really nice evening on the ship, but before that we had some chaos.

Delay and a night in an airport

Finally in on the way to the cruise, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean, which we have been looking forward to so much! We flew from Arlanda to Barcelona a day before the departure of the cruise ship and should of course have booked a room in Barcelona, but that didn't happen. Have I mentioned that our life has been a bit messy lately? Well, it will work out somehow, we thought. And of course, it always does.

After a delay of about an hour and after asking around for hotel rooms at the airport in Barcelona, it worked out ... by sleeping on the floor (half the night) and on a chair (the other half of the night) at the airport. Or slept and slept, you get the idea. We were not exactly refreshed when the sun rose over Barcelona.

Sova på flygplats
First we tried sleeping on the floor... Hard, but above all cold!
Flygplatsen i Barcelona
Then we switched to sleeping sitting down ... with our feet on loose chairs

Wonderful Barcelona

A little cliché perhaps, but Barcelona is a lovely city! We were not in a hurry and could calmly walk through the city down to the water, where we took a shuttle bus to the terminal where Royal Caribbean's ships depart. We were tired and planned to board the Freedom of the Seas early to get some sleep in the cabin, but it was not quite that simple ...

Barcelona fontän
Dust and chicks in the centre of Barcelona
Peter på La Rambla i Barcelona
Peter on La Rambla in Barcelona
Levande staty
An unusually cool living statue

On board the Freedom of the Seas

We have never cruised before and were not really prepared for the hustle and bustle, the waiting and the amount of people. When we were finally on board, we took the opportunity to have lunch in the buffet restaurant on deck eleven. Then we would at last get to sleep for an hour (in our super nice cabin with a balcony). We thought so!

I don't know how many times we were woken up by loud speakers or someone knocking and wanting to serve something. And finally the alarm signal sounded ... It was a training exercise and we had to immediately report to deck four. We planned to slip away, but soon realised we couldn't. The insistent knocks on the door and the exhortation "We are waiting for you Sir!" finally made us put our clothes back on and hurry up. At least we can give the ship credit for being thorough with their fire drills!

Ombord på Freedom of the Seas
On board the Freedom of the Seas
Ombord på Freedom of the Seas
There are plenty of outdoor pools!

Cruising along

We left the harbour at 5 o'clock last night and had a relaxed evening in a restaurant with good food. Now we cruise on! There are unbelievable a lot to see and experience on this ship, and we've only managed to do a fraction of it so far. We will return with reports! We hope for some peace and quiet first, and then for new adventures!

TUI Valletta
As we left the port, we met another cruise ship in the harbour - and everyone waved!

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