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El Templo del Sol - Naturist Camping Deluxe

After a hectic festival week and a week of pouring rain, we felt the need for a more luxurious and comfortable campsite. We have now found a super nice campsite called El Templo del Sol, a bit southwest of Tarragona. Here you are greeted by service buildings in Arabic style and when you enter through the glass doors to the reception, it feels like entering a finer hotel.


El Templo del Sol

El Templo del Sol is a naturist campsite located in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, not far from Tarragona. Campsites is really nice and well maintained, and all the houses in the area are designed in Arabic style. Now, in the low season, you have to pay about 20 euros/night to stay here, and that includes electricity.

Spanien, Templo del sol

Naturist campsite deluxe

What about naturist camping? Well, if the weather's nice, people can sunbathe naked on the beach and on their camping pitches if they want to (a bit too chilly now, though), but in the reception, bar and shop, clothes are required.

El Templo del Sol
El templo del Sol Spanien
Another house on the site, including a shop.

Great beach and pools

The beach is right next door and is very nice, as is the large outdoor pool. It is too cold to swim in the outdoor pool right now, but there is also a large hot tub with warm water.

Spanien, El Templo del sol
Long beautiful sandy beach
Vacker strand Spanien
The same beach, with a view in the other direction
Large nice pool, but a bit too cold to swim right now

Good food and internet

We have stocked up on lots of good food and loaded more internet on our mobile phones. Now the plan is to stay here for a few days, have a good time and hopefully be able to train every day (if the wind allows us to pitch the tent). Or we can continue to train outdoors ...

The weather doesn't allow for much nudity right now...
Spanien, El Templo del sol
Spanien, El Templo del sol
Spanien, El Templo del sol

Stormy weather in Spain

We have not only had good weather, but also some storms, and a few days ago it reached its peak. The weather report had warned of gale force winds of 28 m/s, and the winds were certainly that strong! People were running around the campsite like chickens to gather their belongings. Tents were taken down or tightened with more straps and outdoor furniture was folded up and lashed down.

Spanien, El Templo del sol

The winds threw the car in all directions, gravel smashed against the side of the motorhome and the doormat, which we had left under the car, flew away. We were most fascinated by the mighty and somewhat scary cloud that formed in the sky, and which changed shape throughout the evening... We wondered what would happen, but eventually the cloud dissolved. Today we woke up to sunshine and calm.

Storm Spanien
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