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Catalan food - we've tested and cooked it

Last night we were invited to a gourmet experience by the Tourist Board of Catalonia. These press conferences are very exciting because you never know what will happen. This time it was even more interesting because we were not only going to try Catalan food, but also law a Catalan dish.


What is Catalonia?

Catalonia is an autonomous region in north-eastern Spain with about 8 million inhabitants. Barcelona är den största staden i området, och du hittar även den charmiga staden Tarragona. The region speaks its own language, Catalan, which is related to both Spanish and French. What about the food? Well, we found out more about that last night ...

Cooking Catalan food

Matlagning Katalonien

The evening was long, and we learnt a few things about Catalan cooking. First, we watched a master chef prepare two Catalan dishes (noodles with prawns and mackerel with vegetables and fruit) while revealing various Catalan cooking tricks.

The evening continued past a mini version of a Catalan market, where we learned about different Catalan specialities: olive oil, vinegar, the Catalan onion calçot, different types of sausages and nuts dipped in various layers of toffee and chocolate. Then it was time to cook!

Vi fick på oss varsitt förkläde och fick i uppgift att mixa diverse ingredienser i en mortel: nötter, brödbitar, krossad tomat, lök, chilipasta, olivolja och vinäger. Kunde detta verkligen bli gott? På en tallrik fick vi lägga upp sallad, ansjovis, fisk och små olive, and over this we sprinkled the mess. Yep, very good!

Resultatet av vår katalanska matlagning: Godare än väntat!
The result of our Catalan cooking: tastier than expected!

Dinner: Catalonia for foodies

If you consider that the dish above was shared by three chefs, you'll realise that it sucked when it was time for dinner. But we didn't have to go home hungry, so to speak. One dish after another was brought out - and it was exciting stuff we got to taste!

The favourites were the tasty olives and mussels, the cannelloni with duck and spinach filling and the delicious desserts. Other dishes included black rice, squid, beans and Mediterranean prawns. Have you ever been to Catalonia? What is your experience of the food there?

Cannelloni med anka och spenat
Cannelloni with duck and spinach filling
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