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Fun meeting, new travel plans, Easter and film number 4!

This week we had a really fun meeting here in the Philippines. In addition, we have started making new travel plans in the country, and we finally remember to show film number 4. Happy Friday!


A fun meeting

Many years ago we interviewed Katarina Söderberg, a long-time resident of the Philippines, about her commitment to a school on the island of Bohol. "We follow each other on Instagram, and we knew she was coming to the Philippines again. But we didn't know if we would be able to organise a meeting. When we thought she was there, we sent a message and Katarina replied "I'm in Tagbilaran right now". And where were we? Well, in Tagbilaran for some shopping ...

Tagbilaran is the main town on the island Bohol, and is close to the touristy island of Panglao where we were staying at the time. We had rented a moped to check out the city, and maybe do some shopping, and were in a mall when Katarina texted her reply. "Shall we have lunch together?"

All said and done. Katarina and her Filipino friend Esther met us at a restaurant in Tagbilaran for lunch. Great fun to meet, and very interesting to hear about Katarina's experiences!

New travel plans

We have spent some time in Bohol and Panglao, which belongs to the province of Bohol. Here we have checked out various sights, such as The chocolate hills, ghost animals and "Mirror of the World", but we also took it easy and did a lot of work.

Peter works at the computer in a resort in Panglao.

This trip did not turn out as intendedand of course there are many different feelings about it. That we planned such a long trip to the Philippines was connected to a writing project that we planned together with our friends, and which sadly did not work, even though we put a lot of time and emotion into it. Now we had to find new goals, but you just have to bite the bullet and go for it!

We have some time left in the Philippines, and now that we're here, we want to use the time to see and experience interesting places. We are therefore planning a really exciting "final sprint". In order for everything to come together, we have to spend a lot of time planning and booking routes and experiences. Sometimes we run into challenges (like when it was only possible to pay online with Philippine bank or the Philippine digital wallet GCash), but in the end everything works out. Happy Friday!

We learn how to download GCash to our mobiles to pay online.


Now Easter is here, and Easter is a big holiday in the Philippines. As we understand, much is celebrated in the church, so we don't think we will notice much more than that much will be closed, but we will see. In any case, we wish you a really nice Easter weekend!

Below you'll find some Easter reading. If you want to look for Easter eggs - and at the same time win a trip to lovely Poland - we can recommend the following sites Polish Tourist Office egg hunt!

Svenska påsktraditioner

Film number 4

You may know that Peter edits films about our travels, which are also published on the After Work TV. The last one (film number 4) I (Helena) would have published here on FREEDOMtravel already. former Friday, but I forgot... Here it is!

Best this week

The best part of this week? That we have pulled ourselves together and started planning how to utilise our remaining time in the Philippines. It will be exciting, we can promise!

And for you, what has been the most positive aspect of your week?

The week ahead

In the coming week, there will be reports from Panglao and Bohol. There will also be guest reports from an interesting country in Europe, and maybe even about an exciting country outside Europe if there is time. Soon we will of course also tell you about our further travel plans!

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