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Camping in Poland - how does it work?

We received some questions from a reader about camping in Poland, and were inspired to write a post about it. Here we summarise our experiences of camping in Poland. How many campsites are there? How are they organised? And what is the standard?


Reflections on camping in Poland

Here are some reflections after camping in different places around Poland.

  • There are plenty of campsites - Poles love camping and there are campsites everywhere. They mostly camp in caravans, tents or cottages. Most of the motorhomes you see are German.
  • Campsites are unorganised - The campsites are quite messy and you usually drive into a large area full of tents and caravans and then you have to stand wherever you happen to see a free spot.
  • The standard is ok - The standard is lower than in Sweden, but toilets and showers are usually ok. To empty the latrine you sometimes have to lift a manhole cover ...
  • Safety feels good - There are always staff around the clock, and if you come in late in the evening/night they check carefully that you really have something to do there ...
  • It's easy to fit in – Vi bokade ingenting i förväg och hittade alltid campingar utan problem. På The whole peninsula some campsites were full, but there are always more to choose from.
  • You can accommodate large motorhomes - In most cases it is probably no problem at all, but in some cases it might be crowded. However, the Poles are helpful: when we couldn't get in with our car, they pulled the fence posts ...
campa i polen
Poles themselves like to camp in caravans, often in small ones.
campa i polen
Others camp in tents, and they can also be really small sometimes...

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