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New Year's Eve in Kiev - celebrating New Year in Ukraine

So it was time to celebrate New Year in Ukraine! We started our New Year's Eve in Kiev by checking out the outdoor concert organised for all Kiev residents in the city centre, just below our hotel. Then we continued to the Arena Citi entertainment complex, where we bought tickets for both dinner and a party. Time for champagne and New Year!


Outdoor concert in Kiev

The outdoor concert in Independence Square in the centre of Kiev was more or less a surprise to us. We had seen the stage being built for a few days, but had no idea what was going on. When we came out of the hotel, it was like the whole city was out.

The square was full of people, both young and old, and there was a real party atmosphere in the air. We stayed for a while and listened to some of the concert which was really good, even though the artists were completely unknown to us.

Nyår Kiev
New Year in Kiev: performance in Independence Square
Vi firar nyår i Ukraina
Celebrating New Year in Ukraine

New Year in Ukraine with dinner

The Arena Citi nightclub has several floors with a restaurant, bar, strip club and nightclub. We had a table at the nightclub, and when you book a table, it means that you have your table all evening and night, while you can move freely between the floors.

We had no idea what food would come in as no one knew English when we booked, but we were more than satisfied. One luxurious platter after another was brought in, filled with everything from cold cut meat and cheese to exotic fruit. We were both full and satisfied, so to speak!

Own guard at the table

Two bottles of champagne were included in the price and a full bottle of spirits. We also had a guard who watched over 6 tables all night and if we all went away, no one was allowed to sit in our seats, and he found out all the time. We have experienced it before in Kiev that you have your own guard. A little cool we think.

Nyår i Ukraina

New Year's Eve in Kiev

New Year's Eve in Kiev was not yet over! After dinner there was a long evening and night with music and light effects playing over the dance floor. We danced and partied until 6am, when we took a taxi back to the hotel, tired and happy. But the party didn't end then! No, it continued into the morning hours ... I wonder how long? Today we are resting in the hotel room and have no grand plans.

Nyår och nyårsafton i Kiev
Happy New Year!
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