Now we have tried the Pervak restaurant in Kiev. The second evening in Kiev we could finally go out and eat all four together, that is Peter, me, Peter's son Robin and Robin's girlfriend Alexandra. There are many fun and different restaurants in Kiev, not least when it comes to interior design. At Pervak in Kiev, the staff have traditional Ukrainian clothing and each room has its own identity.


Cool interior design

Staff at the Pervak restaurant in Kiev are dressed like old-fashioned Ukrainian peasants and each room has its own special decor. For example, one room looks like a stable, and the stools at the bar look like horse saddles.

Another room is decorated like someone's grandmother's library, with white tablecloths, porcelain figurines and bookshelves full of old, worn-out books. In the room where we were sitting, the walls and ceiling were heavily decorated with everything from signs to Christmas decorations.

Restaurang Pervak
Things are happening on the ceiling of the Pervak restaurant in Kiev ...

Ukrainian dinner at Pervak in Kiev

Before the meal, you were given bread and three small bowls of different mixtures. The waiter couldn't explain in English, but one tasted like garlic, one tasted like fish and the third tasted like ... fat. We think maybe this was some kind of lard?

I ordered some sort of pickled vegetables as a starter, which I thought tasted a bit bland, but the others were happy with their starters. For the main course we ordered meat or chicken, and everyone seemed happy and satisfied. Above all, we had a very nice evening in a pleasant environment!

They are very good at theme restaurants. Everything is planned in detail in decoration, food and crockery. The staff are on and very happy and are happy to stay and talk and flap their arms with bad English, but they try and just that.

Sallad Pervak
My starter was a bit boring, but it was the one that caught my eye ....
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