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Snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt - a lovely boat trip

Now we have tried snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh, in the Red Sea in Egypt. It was a really wonderful full day at sea with relaxed hanging out on the deck, long swims and an insight into the fantastic world below the surface.


Start in Travco marina

We were picked up by car at our hotel. Il Mercato in Sharm el Sheikh in the morning. The excursion organisers then drove us to Travco marina, which is located just south of the city centre. In the marina, there are lots of big white boats waiting for people who want to try diving or snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh. We started by trying out equipment for the day: snorkels and cyclops, flippers and life jackets.

Then it was time to board the boat Samia - a big and nice boat with comfortable sofas on the upper deck, a dining room on the lower deck and two toilets.

Snorkla i Sharm el Sheikh

Boat trip in the Red Sea

What a great boat trip! We went out to sea to snorkel between the famous Ras Mohammad National Park and one of the other national parks. There was relatively plenty of space on board and we sat comfortably on the upper deck, where it fanned out nicely in the heat. Or we ran around and took photos, or looked at the view in different directions ...

Sharm el Sheijk

Most of the tourists on the boat were Egyptians, but there were also two German women and an Italian woman on board. The five of us had our own guide who gave us information throughout the trip in languages that suited us. One and the same guide (!) spoke equally fluent in German, Italian and English with us. Impressive!

We have sometimes heard stories about how difficult it can be to travel as a single woman in Egypt. We have no experience of this, but on this boat trip we could at least see that the German and Italian women were very well looked after!

Snorkelling - when you're not used to it

We made two longer stops for snorkelling. I (Helena) have only tried snorkelling once before, and it didn't go very well. I had trouble breathing, got water in my mouth and nose and ... slight panic. Since then, I've refused to go snorkelling, but now I stubbornly decided to give it a go. all another chance.

Sharm el Sheikh

Snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh

So, how did the snorkelling go? I still didn't get the snorkelling thing right (water in my throat, a feeling of wanting to vomit and a slight panic), but eventually we figured out that I could do it. skip the snorkelling and just use the goggles. And all of a sudden I got to experience life under the surface too!

Sharm el Sheikh
Snorkla i Sharm el Sheikh

So what was it like snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh? It's hard to capture the feeling in a photo, but it was a great experience. fantastic experience. The water is crystal clear and you snorkel just above the coral reefs. Just below you, the colourful fish swim everywhere - big fish and small fish, striped fish, spotted fish and fish in every colour combination you can imagine. It was just like being in an aquarium. Awesome!

Snorkla i Sharm el Sheikh

Lunch break on the boat

After struggling with the snorkel, swimming a lot and looking at lots of fish, we were of course hungry. On the boat, a large and fresh lunch buffet was served with pasta, rice, fried chicken, fish gratin, cooked vegetables, salads and bread. Really good!

Lunch på båten
Lunch på båten

The boat Freedom

Suddenly a boat with a familiar name passed by. We were on the boat Samia, but really we should have been on the boat Freedom ... right?
Sharm el Sheik

A great day at sea

It was a really nice day on the lake, which ended at 17:00, when it was time to go back to the hotel. This was our second excursion in Sharm el Sheikh, after the desert safari that we tested the day before.and we will soon be trying out more excursions and activities. Don't miss it!

Do you like snorkelling? What is the most beautiful place where you have snorkelled?

Sharm el Sheikh
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